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Apr 22, 2007 07:15 PM

Carney's -- Still King of the Chili Cheese Dog

Just returned from scratching my chili dog itch -- aaah that felt good. Great snap to a well seasoned dog and nice soft bun with plenty of room to accomodate the chili, the mustard the onions and the cheese. Best chili dog chili of anyplace in the greater LA area, by a mile. Even their fries are pretty darn good, (modeled on the McDonalds type of fries). My only minor quibble is that they used slice American cheese rather than grated cheddar, which would be my preference. On Sunset Blvd. just 2 or 3 blocks east of La Cienega on the north side of Sunset.

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  1. Sorry to dissagree, but I got to go with Skooby's on Hollywood Blvd. They only do the dogs, the homemade fries, and fresh squeezed lemonaid. And, they do it all well!

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    1. re: markethej

      No problem. There are no losers in this competition. Chili dog's at 10 paces anyone?

      I will have to try and make it up to Hollywood to give Skooby's another try. I can't recall clearly enough to make a decision about how they measure up against Carney's.

    2. Mighty bold claim.

      I used to believe they had a pretty good chili dog until last year when I went and took a bite out of an old overcooked chewy unedible dog hidden in my chili dog...I'm sure they knew what they were doing. I'll never go back.

      I'll take a Tommy's chili dog ($2.35) over any LA chili dog. Had one today. You can't beat it with all the chili, huge fresh slice of tomoato and pickles.

      1. Five of us went to Carney’s this afternoon and ate those perfect dogs and I was thinking the same thing. I have had dogs all over the USA and have never had a better dog or better chili for a dog. Several years ago we did a drive-around and picked up Carney’s, Tommy’s, Tail’O the Pup, and Pink’s. Side-by-side Carney’s won us all on the dog and chili. Tommy’s was so bad next to Carney’s. People do not understand that many times when you are hungry and eat something it is the hunger that tells you that what ever you are eating is good. But side-by-side Carney’s blows away the rest. I also agree on the fries – very good. Sometimes I have the chili fries but not tonight because I wanted to save some room for later. When we were leaving Carney’s several families entered with little kids and appeared to be having a birthday party. Those balloons on the ramp out back were so cool. I thought to myself that Carney's is a great place for a burthday party no matter how old you are.

        The reason we went to Carney’s was we wanted to see how good desert at "Milk" over on Beverly would be following those dogs. Within 10 minutes after leaving Carney’s I had a vanilla shake – OMG! The best chilli dog (probably in the world) and the best shake in the solar system. I could not believe what a great night I had in Hollywood for less than $15.00. My wife had one scoop of chocolate on a cone and likewise – heaven!. We use to go to Famous Amos Cookies after Carney’s but that store closed years ago. Finally we have a perfect desert to follow Carney’s. The cookies at Milk are also a perfect desert for a night out doing bad things.

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        1. re: JeetJet

          That is so funny because we caught the tail end of that birthday party with cake debris everywhere and small children blowing their birthday gift bag whistles. They were only there about five minutes after we sat down, but it was a loooong few minutes. (g)

          Great review, (a hell of a lot better than mine). Thanks so much for taking the time to share it. As paprkutr below notes the seating is nice and, if it hadn't been semi misting / raining the outside tables are also quite nice with a good view of Sunset without being parked right on the sidewalk like so many places outdoor seating along Sunset Plaza. Got to get to Milk soon.

        2. I agree I like Carney's alot. The food is good and the place is so much cleaner with place to sit. I used to love Tommy's at 2 in the morning, but getting too old for that. I still enjoy Tommy's but rarely go there, like Carneys Better.. My husband loves Carneys, but also like Big Tomys on Pico. We live by Milk and go there all the time, great pastries and ice cream, haven't had their salads yet but look good.

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          1. re: paprkutr

            We go to Big Tomy's on Pico too as it is close to our abode (not a plug for the newest trendoid eatery in Santa Monica - and I am sure they are grateful for that fact as being associated with a chili dog thread probably wouldn't thrill them overly much). That said, Big Tomy's dog, and their chili, don't come with in a country mile of Carney's for taste. Long live Carney's.

          2. I enjoy the Carney's dog and chili cheese fries (cooked well done). SO GOOD! But my heart belongs to the chili dogs at Cupid's. Grew up eating them and always takes me back to the good 'ol days when I bite into one. Also, Larry's Chili Dog on San Fernando in Burbank has really good chili dogs (reminds me of Chili John's - my first taste of chili dogs - in Van Vuys when I was growing up). Wish that place was still there! Also, Larry's chili fries are good (steak fries) but they don't give you enough for the price you pay (over $3) but a treat every once in a while.

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            1. re: WildSwede

              You mean, CUPID's?
              But since you mentioned CHILI JOHN's. Ever considered slathering/dipping a Costco dog w/CJ's chili. In burbank, they're right across from each other, eh?

              1. re: Gohantabeyoka

                Yes, CUPID's. I love 'em.
                SORRY! Not Chili John's - it is Pappa John's that I meant, which used to be on Hazeltine/Victory. Unfortunately, it is now a strip mall. Has been gone for MANY years (we used to go in the early '70s).
                Is Chili John's the one that does the spaghetti chili on SF? I have been there once (the only time they were actually open during the many times I had driven by!). I arrived on a Saturday 10 til 4 (or was it 3?) and they informed me that they stopped serving at quarter till closing. So I ordered Chili, hot over spaghetti. Did not eat it til the next day. I think that I will have to get there another time while they are open and try it in-house. This chili (once reheated) seemed really gritty and greasy, all the while being dry. It was odd. I definitely have to try it again to determine whether or not I like it!