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Philadelphia Eateries

The other day I asked for places to eat while visiting the Franklin Institute. Received "0" replies. Does this mean there are no Chowhound-worthy places to eat if Philly? Should I pack my own lunch?

we are visiting Philly next week to see King Tut and his artifacts. Looking for some nice places to eat near the Franklin Institute. We like steak,seafood, Mediterranean or perhaps Egyptian! What can you suggest? Also, who has the best philly cheesesteaks???? All suggestions appreciated. Thanks Peter

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  1. There aren't really any great places that I know of directly near the Franklin Institute, but closer to center city (probably a 15-20 minute or so walk from the museum or a very quick cab ride) there are a number of amazingy BYOs. I would recommend Audrey Claire (amazing mediterranean- 20th and spruce), Melograno (Italian- 22nd and spruce), or Dmitri's (wonderful greek food/ seafood, not byo- 22nd and pine). Because the weather is beautiful now, the walk to center city would be nice... so check out the other boards for this area. I've heard great things about Mercato and Matyson as well.

    1. The Franklin Institute's caterer (Frog Commissary) has provided a Tut-themed cafe that may be your best bet. There is not much within walking distance, but you are so close to Center City that that your choices are many if you don't mind a 10 minute cab ride. I suggest the Reading Terminal Market. www.readingterminalmarket.org

      1. I suggest you walk north on 21st St until you get to the Fairmount neighborhood where there are lots of resturants, including Zorba, Jakes Firehouse, London Grill, Rembrant's, etc. I suspect locals have "cheese steak fatigue". Do a search on cheese steak and you will see exactly 12.54325,423,943245 responses!

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          I would suggest taking the Phlash tourist loop buses that stop on the side of the Franklin Institute and head to the Reading Terminal Market (at 12th and Arch, a block north of Market St.) for a culinary smorgasboard no other city can match.

        2. I don't know what your budget is but right near the Franklin Institute is The Fountain restaurant in the Four Seasons hotel at the corner of 18th and the Parkway. It's excellent but expensive.

          1. about 2 blocks away is: http://www.rosetattoocafe.com/homepag...
            should be a crowd pleaser

            1. Has anyone eaten at Old Original Bookbinders? I know it's a few miles away but I was wondering if it's any good.


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                Terrible tourist trap. If you are willing to travel that far, PLEASE check out the board for much better reccs than those listed above.

                steak - barclay prime, capital grille
                seafood - dmitris, estia
                mediterranean - dmitris again
                other jems - amada, tinto, osteria, tria, caffe casta diva, le bec fin, chloe...

                For philly cheesesteaks please do a board search.

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                  It's not any good. Dmitri's is pretty good for Mediterranean, but the location closer to the Franklin Institute is generally regarded as the lesser of the two Dmitri's locations. The other is pretty far away from where you'll be. If I were you I'd head to Matyson, it's fantastic and a pleasant walk from the Institute.

                2. Rose Tattoo on 19th and Callowhill
                  McCrossen's on 20th almost at Spring Garden
                  There are a bunch of other small restaurants that are solid in the "Art Museum Area" around 21st and Fairmount, such as London Grill, Jack's Firehouse, Rembrandt's, Fig, etc.

                  1. I haven't been there, so I can't vouch for it, but I read that Aya's Cafe, which is right near the Franklin Institute, is owned by an Egyptian man who has a special Egyption menu for Tut. I think the place is small and informal, but might be just what you are looking for. The review in the paper was good.

                    Edited because I found a link with the Tut menu--looks like fun.