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Apr 22, 2007 07:03 PM

Heritage Foods Mail Order Ham for Easter - Astounding!

With apologies for making this post a few weeks late, I wanted to tell folks about the incredible quality of the whole cured ham I ordered for Easter from Heritage Foods.

Dismayed at the prospect of another year of a store-bought and unspectacular Farmer John ham and the declining quality of the Honey Baked Ham brand, we decided to do mail order. I was a little off put by seemingly high price for the whole ham [$108.00] but we'd be feeding a crowd, so a half ham just wouldn't do.

In the event, the ham was more than large enough. It arrived on time and marvelously well-packaged in its own Styrofoam ice chest. Weighing in at a massive 23 lbs [the website had promised 18lbs], this was no mean leg of pork.

This beautiful primal cut just took a few hours in a warm oven to bring to room temperature. My mother removed the skin after the first hour and a half and added a simple mustard and brown sugar glaze. The final product was a beauty to behold and absolute joy to eat.

This was a Duroc ham and boy was it well-marbled, with an abundant, clear, and delicious rim of fat running all the way around the ham. All 14 of our guests had their fill, and more, of the ham...and better than two thirds of it were left over! Everyone was thrilled to take home their goodie bag of sliced ham. I even took home the skin, which we had left in the roasting pan to turn into a beautifully bubbled sheet of cracklings.

Considering that the $108 price included no sales tax and free express shipping, and that this ham very easily fed a BIG crowd, it was a great deal. My mother ventured it was the best ham she had ever tasted, and I had to agree.

You can check Heritage Foods mail order offerings at

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  1. Thanks for posting. We'll give it a try...

    (And oddly enough, I am also glad to hear that I am not the only person who thinks honeybaked quality has declined a lot)

    1. Thank you for reporting on this! I've been trying to nerve myself up to order from Heritage for some time, but haven't been able to get past the prices yet... I'm glad to hear that other people find it so worthwhile - it will make it easier to talk myself into one of those magnificent sounding turkey's come this fall.

      1. Yes, thanks for posting! I just checked it out, and though the prices are a tad steep, it's exactly the kind of farming I support and thus, worth the money. And though the big pieces are pricey, the site whet my appetite for Heritage pork chops, bacon or burgers.

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          i was thinking of purchasing the burgers

        2. Try the Berkshire Pork quarter pig if you really want to have a freezer full of amazing cuts of pork. It was like a challenge to decide how best to cook the cryopacked items, and an amazing treat to eat, each and every one. Their turkeys are also really wonderful. I have sent the hams as gifts to foodie friends, always on time, to lots of accolades about how rich and old world tasting the hams were. I love this company.