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Apr 22, 2007 06:55 PM

Vietnamese in White Plains!?!

Well I just had a weird night. I was looking around on the internet for places to eat and stumbled across the "Hong Kong Chef"/"Hong Kong Cafe," in White Plains. I found an online menu which appeared to be authentic Hong Kong style Chinese food. It was at that point I felt like an idiot as I've been living in White Plains for over a year now, but had never heard of this place.

So I went to the restaurant, walked inside and started looking at their takeout menus (there are 2). I was at first confused because one menu looked like the standard Americanized Chinese food that is available everywhere in this area. Then I looked at their other menu and I became even more confused as the entire menu appeared to be devoted to Vietnamese food. What was even more vexing for me was that I have read these boards quite frequently and have seen it repeatedly written that there is no Vietnamese food available in Westchester County and that one needs to go to Rockland or NYC to get some.

This appears not to be the case. Vietnamese food, apparently is available at this little dinky Chinese takeout restaurant in White Plains. There are only a couple of tables (2 or 3) and the atmosphere leaves much to be desired, but the food seems somewhat decent. I am no expert on Vietnamese food and haven't eaten much of it beyond the bowl of Pho here and there (even though I have spent a substantial ammount of time living in Southeast Asia). So I asked the guy at the counter to reccomend something and he pointed at some beef dish at the menu and said it was good. It is quite spicy with lots of sliced beef, tomatoes, cabbage, onions, basil, and tons of red chilli pepper.

I will definitely have to go back to this place. They have a lunch special for $4.65 (probably works out to $5 with tax) that has 4 different types of Pho (Pho, Pho Ga, Pho Sate Tom, and Pho Cari Ga) and about 15-20 other Vietnamese dishes. The lunch special is served from 11am-4pm and comes with a can of soda (true to the Chinese take-out style restaurant).

The only other unusual thing about this place is that the people working there look more Chiense than Vietnamese. I am guessing that they belong to the Chinese minority population that lives in some Vietnamese cities (Saigon & Hanoi).

P.S. Even though I found this place, I'm still peeved that I can't find a takeout place that sells Yang-zhou fried rice in White Plains.

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  1. Whoa! A whole post about Vietnamese find in Westchester and not include the address?!?!?! It's like finding Loch Ness or Bigfoot in my backyard. Please please please reply with the address!! I'm salivating... just the thought of pho in White Plains.

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      Guess I forgot to include the address. Here it is: 470 Mamaroneck Ave in White Plains. It is on the same side of the street as Daido, but about a block closer to downtown.

    2. I stopped by today for lunch and had the beef pfo. It was only ok. The noodles were the wrong type and undercooked and the broth was not great. Not bad just not great and the broth is the most important thing in pho. They were also a little light with the fixings and I had to ask for more. There were lots of pieces of meat but it was all pre-cooked. no thin slices of raw meat to cook in the soup. All in all I would use it for a quick pho fix but not as a destination for pho. No Phogasms here.

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      1. re: JMF

        Baby steps... It's taken years to find the elusive pho in Westchester. Phogasm would be just plain greedy ;-) How about finding an izakaya??? There is a decent Japanese expat population in the area.

        1. re: pabboy

          Fujinoya in Hartsdale on Central Avenue close to the intersection of hartsdale avenue is worth checking out. there are threads devoted to it.

          1. re: Sambossanova

            I'm a regular there but it's not anything close to an izakaya. Food is pretty good but they are a "family restaurant" as state on the sign.

            1. re: pabboy

              Although the apps are definately Izakaya fare. I spoke to them and they have no problems with you stopping by at Shugo up the street for sake or shochu to bring in. Although I would do that later in the evening.