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Apr 22, 2007 06:50 PM

Mochi Cream?

Hi everyone!

I came across this picture of mochi cream: and I was wondering if anyone knows of a place that sells Mochi Cream - because I would love to try one...or more!

There's also this website: that shows some more pictures. It doesn't look like it's mochi icecream but a lighter cream filling along with the bean paste.


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  1. Naleiya, Trader Joe's carries mochi ice cream. I like the green tea the best. I think Costco sells them also.

    1. The easiest place to find mochi ice cream (they're ice cream balls that are surrounded by mochi - in essence a mochi bon bon) is Trader Joe. They're almost always in stock in the freezer section with the other ice cream treats. Costco also has them periodically but you need to buy it in the prewrapped three-paks (I think it's three).

      It is also available in various forms from a fair amount of producers at the Chinese grocery marts, like 99 Ranch, and the Japanese marts like Mitsuwa. You might also check the Korean marts as well - they always are running great ad deals on so many items.

      Mikawaya, who I believe is the "inventor" of the mochi ice cream confectionary, is located in Little Tokyo's Weller Court. The process of getting mochi wrapped around the ice cream was one of the great quandaries of Japanese cuisine. Mochi is most pliable when it is very warm. Ice cream is - cold. In trying to wrap a flattened piece of very warm mochi around a very cold ice cream ball just didn't work. Evidently, Mikawaya developed some sort of proprietary process or mochi formula that eventually made the marriage of fire and ice possible. Before the mochi ice cream was available in stores, this was the place that everyone was beating a path to get a taste of these unique gems. I haven't been since my last gig on jury duty a few years back, but my guess would be that they're still there, and probably offer a great number of varieties with the freshest of mochi.

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      1. re: bulavinaka

        Mikawaya is now located in Japanese Village Plaza between 1st and 2nd Street. Other locations in Gardena and Torrance.

        You can get their mochi locations at any probably Asian grocery stores, Costco and Trader Joe's. The owner Francis H. told me Trader Joe's is their best account.

        Despite what the article says, I don't believe its made the way they are saying. Next time I buy a box I'll look at the ingredients. I think they use mochi flour, not hot pounded rice and forming it around rice. Yesterday at the Monterey Park Cherry Blossom Festival I bought several packages of peanut butter mochi from Fugetsudo (1903-the oldest business in Little Tokyo) and after looking at the main ingredient it is sweet rice flour.

        1. re: bulavinaka

          Checked a box of mochi ice cream and for the wrapping the first 2 ingredients are: sugar and rice rice.

          1. re: monku

            I guess you're defining mochi specifically as a product derrived from pulverizing (whether by traditional mallet-pounding or by machine) high-glutton rice - not the general category of confections that are also made of rice flour as well, which I generalize as mochi. I think our views are parallel but I get your point. My point about the information that I was recalling (maybe the article you are referring to - which one I don't know) was that many had desired to wrap mochi around ice cream. But in order for mochi to be pliable enough to do so, it had to be very warm, if not on the hot side - ice cream is cold (my fire and ice analogy). I had heard that it took a fair number of iterations of adjusting the proportions of rice flour, water, sugar and whatever else was used to get the right combination that would work around the ice cream... that's it. Mochi is mochi to me, whether it's from pounding rice (which I used to do in the old days =]) or tossing in some rice flour and water into a home mochi machine; whether I'm having a homemade ohagi or something deluxe from Minamoto Kicchoan in Torrance... Kana vaka levu - eat well!

            1. re: bulavinaka

              No...Your post on 4/22 implied what the Mikawaya Mochi Ice Cream website implied...that Mikawaya mochi ice cream was made from trying to wrap warm rice on cold ice cream, no mention of rice flour.

              I was just confirming my belief that mochi ice cream was made from rice flour. Mochi is mochi to me too....rice (I've pounded hundreds of pounds in my life time) or sweet rice flour.

        2. Thank you for the responses :) However, I think there may be a difference between mochi cream and mochi ice cream. I just noticed this mochi in the picture is different than any mochi I've seen before. Mochi cream looks like a light, flavored cream filling with the bean paste, whereas on the other hand, mochi icecream is flavored icecream without the bean paste. I figured I'd try and see if anyone knew about where to possibly get these types of mochis since I noticed they sell it in Hawaii at Shirokiya at the sweets deli counter (from an online ad that a google search returned to me) :P So they do sell it in the US, I just hoped there was a place in SoCal that has these babies! :)

          Thanks again!

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          1. re: Naleiya

            "Mochi cream" the item that's popular in Japan (esp in Kansai area, which includes Kobe as shown in pic) is NOT the same as mochi ice cream we know here. The center filling is NOT ice cream, but rather flavored cream. They currently come in 24 different flavors including caramel pudding, mango, green tea, mont blanc, cheese, chocolat, black sesame, etc. 158 yen each. It's a "frozen" dessert/item, but everyone recommends taking it out of the freezer and waiting 10-15 minutes before the first bite. That way the mochi and cream becomes soft and melts in your mouth!

            I don't know of ANY places in LA that carries/makes/sells these...however, I will be in Tokyo in a few weeks, so I'd like to give it a try!

            1. re: Naleiya

              So very sorry Naleiya...the 2 poster's before me were posting about mochi "ice" cream and I immediately went crazy. That's about the only kind of mochi I like like...or as I tell my Japanese friends "understand" outside of peanut butter mochi.

              I remember seeing a high end mochi place in the Mitsuwa Market in Torrance and I'll bet they have them. Looks like a lot of their stuff is imported from Japan and expensive.

              Mitsuwa Market
              21515 S Western Ave
              Torrance, CA 90501
              (310) 782-6800

              Again, my apologies. But if you've never had mochi "ice cream" they are a treat too.

              1. re: monku

                Sorry - jumped the gun as well... the mind plays nasty games some times... I've purchased a fair amount from the mochi/manju counter that you mentioned - Minamoto Kicchoan - I don't recall seeing mochi cream there. I think most of their confections are flown in from Japan; however, the mochi creams appear to need refrig. I don't think this would work for them unless they could get it dry-iced or in a refrig can. I guess it couldn't hurt to ask, though...

                1. re: bulavinaka

                  Eating mochi cream right now in Tokyo :-) There are stores all over Japan. The mochi cream has a filling which is a mixture of paste and cream, or syrup depending on the flavour. There are currently 12 different flavours, ranging from banana chocolate, caramel macchiato, rasberry mille feuille, honey lemon, rum raisin, peach yoghurt, to more traditional flavours, like green tea and sakura etc. The following link has a scanned image of the menu.


                  They do need to be refrigerated and are suggested to be eaten the day of. I read that the only overseas store is in Hawaii. They are very yummy!!

                  1. re: vbabe

                    Just back from Japan where I searched high and low for Mochi Cream, due to my brother's high praise...but sadly did not find an outlet until I got back to Narita! I was also on a tour with my parents so there wasn't enough free time for searching.

                    I ended up having four different flavors for dinner...quite filling and so delicious. As others have posted, these are NOT ice cream, although they are frozen when you buy. That raspberry mille feuille, which they list as their number 1 most popular flavor, is REALLY worthwhile. All were delicious, though...I had caramel macchiato, double mango, and white chocolate as well. They do provide freezer bags (and I saw a comment on some blog about dry ice) but I'm not sure it would have made it back to NYC with me--13 hours including delays plus almost 2 hours to get home from the airport--but maybe could get to LA safely!

                    1. re: NancyC

                      Naleiya, I too ate mochi cream in Osaka for the first time about two years ago. It was one of the most delicious things that I have ever had in my life. Anyway, there is one bakery chain that sells mochi cream in SoCal, called JJ Bakery. There are outlets in Hacienda Heights, Rowland Heights, Arcadia, Torrance, and Irvine. Be careful in Irvine. There are two JJ Bakeries, and one is affiliated with the chain and the other isn't. As of now, they serve only three kinds of mochi cream: strawberry, mango, and green tea. Called "strawberry mochi", its a small piece of sponge cake, a whole fresh strawberry, and cream infused with a white chocolate liqeur. It's all wrapped in mochi. It's not like what I had in Osaka, but it's still good. We ordered 325 for my wedding and called it "East-West mochi". My mom likes the mango mochi the best, but it's not fresh mango. On request, they will make other kinds of mochi cream, such as chocolate pudding, creme brulee, and raspberry if you order in bulk (25 or more of the same. As of now, they are $2.75 each. I enjoy this more than mochi ice cream. Hope this helps.

                      1. re: nomo_fan

                        For all you mochi lovers, you must try Moonpillows Mochi Truffles, which are handmade with creamy truffle-y centers wrapped in chewy flavored mochi. Currently they have flavors such as: passion fruit, key lime, chocolate-peanut butter, tangerine, chocolate-cherry, strawberry white-balsamic, French roast, matcha, chocolate-hazelnut, coconut rum, and chocolate-mint. And on holidays they make pumpkin and eggnog flavors. I've tried almost every flavor, and my favorites are key lim, passion fruit, French roast, and matcha. Moonpillows can be found at the Brentwood Farmers Market on Sundays, or you can have them delivered to you. I like them better than any mochi in Japanese stores or markets here in LA.


                        1. re: fdb

                          The mochi truffles are good but a bit pricey.

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