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Apr 22, 2007 06:28 PM

very lively dinner in SF...please!

I would love some suggestions for a very lively dinner place in SF for saturday night...four girls, late 20s -- want something loud and upbeat (friend just broke off her wedding so need to keep her mind off it, so nothing romantic). and far away from the striped shirt boys in the Marina. any ideas? Fun, good people watching, lively...

Thanks much!

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  1. frisson, a16, delfina...?

    1. The bar area at Absinthe would be good. Prime people watching, some of the best cocktails in the city and loud as all get out on a weekend night.

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      1. re: ccbweb

        I concur re Absinthe. Other good candidates that I know include Nopa, Limon, Oola, or The Front Porch (depending on just what type of people you like to watch and in what neighborhood). (A16 is great, but in the heart of Striped Shirt Boy territory.)
        I know that chowhounds tend to avoid the Z-- word, but that certain other website has a "people watching" feature you can add to a search, which yielded the following, none of which I've been to and which I thus can't recommend (but all of which Z-- gave decent-to-good scores): 2223, Asia de Cuba, The Public, and Sushi Groove, plus several in the hip-nightclub-with-decent-food category (Bambuddha Lounge, Lime, Mecca). Finally, though reports here have been mixed, I think that The Salt House aims to be the sort of place you want.

      2. XYZ? Mecca? Not been to either but I hear good things...

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          Lulu on Folsom would probably be a good bet.