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Apr 22, 2007 06:21 PM

Best dim sum in Houston

I am looking for some good dim sum places in Houston. I have been to Ocean Palace on Bellaire, which was ok, but the selection even on Sundays seems a bit limited. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. I really like Fung's Kitchen on 59 and Bellaire...very busy on both Saturdays and Sundays; Kim Son is also good (Fountains...59 and 90)

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      Seconding Fung's Kitchen. I like the selection there more than Ocean Palace.

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        Also, youcan get Fungs on weekdays freshly prepared!

      2. Golden Palace is my favorite, but get there early. It gets seriously packed.

        1. I love Fung's Kitchen as well and suggest these in addition: Golden Palace, Lucky Dragon III on Bellaire near the Beltway 8, and then the new Kim Son Dim Sum on Bellaire near Wilcrest is pretty good and great for crowds, and even the Kim Son in Sugarland off of 59 South has excellent dim sum on the weekends.

          1. Put me down for Golden Palace as my favorite in H-town with Fung's Kitchen a near second. Fung's Kitchen is cleaner, bigger, and brighter, and the service is more attentive, but Golden Palace beats it on taste IMO.

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              Disappointed with last visit to Fungs Kitchen. Deep fried Taro Root was dripping with grease. See if they will allow you to take a tour of the kitchen.

            2. We were really disappointed with our first and only visit to

              Golden Palace
              8520 Bellaire Boulevard
              Houston, TX 77036-4794
              (713) 776-8808

              We had read some reviews and had time for just one Chinese meal whiile we were in Houston for the weekend. We used live in Houston about 20 years ago and used to frequent the Bellaire strip of Asian restaurants, but our personal experience is way out of date.

              Pan Fried Dumplings - decent taste, but cold. Obviously on the cart for a looooong time. We saw folks pushing the same carts around the restaurant for 30 or so minutes we were there.

              Steamed Shrimp Dumplings - these were tasty and hot

              Deep fried Taro - well fried and tasty, but again - room temperature and old, again, been on the cart for a while.

              Chinese broccoli - stone cold. We asked the waitress to heat it up for us and it came back microwaved and overcooked/limp.

              After the broccoli we decided to cut our losses and bail. The carts were very dirty, the staff was unkempt and the food was cold. I suppose one could order off the menu and the experience would be good, but ours was not and we are not going back.

              Golden Palace Restaurant
              8520 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77036