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Apr 22, 2007 06:19 PM

Whole Pigs?

After watching the Indonesia episode of No Reservations, I've decided to attempt roasting a whole pig in my yard. Building the fire pit seems pretty straightforward. My main question is where to acquire a whole pig (I live in Pittsburgh)? I'm thinking that a 100lb pig should feed about 50 people (it should work out to about 30-40lbs of meat). Getting the thing gutted is required. I was thinking of calling up Wholey's. Anyone have any suggestions? How much might the pig cost me?

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  1. Carol and Randy Hawkey in New Alexandria (east, past Monroeville) can probably supply you with a pig. They raise pastured pork on their farm, and process the pigs on the farm as well. I get my chickens, lamb and pork from the Hawkeys, and their product is excellent. Contact them at 724-668-2634.

    Have fun!

    1. Wil-den Farms is another place to buy. They have a great product and sell whole hogs. They supply a lot of the better restaurants in town as well. I would plan on a whole pig running somewhere close to $1.50 per pound and being somewhere around 200 pounds.