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Apr 22, 2007 06:17 PM

Looking for Farm that Will Send CA Citrus to NY

I'd like to send a gift of roughly 5-10 pounds of blood oranges to a friend in New York. I've found some possibilities including and, but I've don't know anyone who's ever tried the former, and the latter only sends in fairly large shipments (which results in huge mailings costs).

If you have shipped CA fruit with success, I'd be grateful if you could recommend the farm or company you used. If possible, I'd love to support a smaller, local farm (I'm in Orange County), and it'd be great to keep costs down, but the most important thing is reliably delicious fruit.

Thanks very much for any suggestions!

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  1. isn't blood orange season just about done for the year? between that and the freeze, i imagine that is going to be an expensive, if not impossible proposition from CA.

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      i had understood that there were different kinds and that this is still the right season for some, but please tell me if you believe that's incorrect.

    2. I don't know if Harry & David is offering blood oranges, and what range they cover, but they guarantee everything they ship. It ain't cheap, but might be worth considering as well... I think blood oranges are still available, but as Chez Cherie mentions, it might be pretty close to the end of the season. This could mean older sweeter oranges with more character, like one I had a few weeks ago, or it could also mean wierd tasting and kind of bitter, like the one I had last week... It might be worth a short study-up on the varieties as well. I believe moro is the most common one, but there should be at least three other varieties available. Maybe they mature at different times and also might have different flavor characteristics as well. Good luck - our friends and family back east could use a dose of California after what they've been through the past month...

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        I second the recommendation of Harry & David - I have placed many orders with them and they have always turned out extremely well! But they are based in Oregon, and I don't think they tell you where the fruit comes from, so it could be Oregon or California, or Chile, or anywhere - but probably not New York!

        1. re: aching

          I bat 50/50 with Harry and David. One time the pear I sent was good, another time they were brown. The nice thing is at least when I complained they resent.

          I don't know about citrus though.

          1. re: notmartha

            Harry and David's produce has always underwhelmed me. I am mystified that they're even in business.

            I'd check out your local farmers' market vendors; many of them are willing to ship. I happen to like Honey Crisp (they sell occasionally at the Beverly Hills market on Sundays). Check out their website: -- however, you'll notice that blood oranges are not in season at the moment.


            1. re: hungrygirl106

              I know that H&D isn't like going direct to a farmers market or to the grower, but shipping produce state-to-state can be difficult at times. H&D cuts through all of that and they stand behind their products 100%. And as you mention, the season is over, but who knows - maybe there's enough inventory left for a final shipment...

            2. re: notmartha

              I think in this case, where the season is just about up, guarantees are important. If they aren't offering it, then large reliable quantities are probably gone.

        2. You may want to give Friend's Ranches at Ojai a try, although I think it may be too late for blood oranges, you can always try their pixie tangerines or a case of mixed citrus.

          1. I've had great luck with La Vigne Fruits ( They are a small organic farm in the hills outside of San Diego, CA. I have not ordered blood oranges from them, but have ordered the meyer lemons and limes for a couple of years now. They are a real treat in the middle of a midwest winter! La Vigne sells a 10lb box of blood oranges for $33 plus shipping (which for me has usually run about $15.)

            1. I'm not sure if Bob Polito still has blood oranges, but you can give him a try:


              His oroblanco grapefruit/pomelos are awesome!