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Apr 22, 2007 06:12 PM

Spicy flaky little savory fish pie...

I stumbled into the Imaculee Bakery (Hatian) on Nostrand at Martense, and was goaded into trying a 75 cent fish pie by the proprietor. .. It was stunning. Rich, slightly chewy doughy and generous minced spicy bacalao on the inside and flaky deliciousness on the outside, served warm from the...heated pie box. I then walked around the corner to Veggie Castle on Church and washed my fish pie down with a fresh gingery juice (approx $4).


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    1. YUM...what's the closest train to this spot of heaven?

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      1. re: pastoralia

        2 to Church or Q to Church (different Church stops, same street..)
        I'd be curious to know whether they have more goodies during more reg. business hours (I was there late Sunday afternoon/eve)...other then the little savory fish pies (& i'm talking deck-of-card size little) they only had something that looked like hardo bread, & something else that looked & felt like rock cake. & several dusty looking bags of lentils, rice & various spices.

        If you were to make a special trip out, I'm not sure what else would be worth checking out..I would not recommend dining at Veggie Castle. While the juices are superb & the scene (a former white castle) great, the food is bland. There's a couple of interesting-looking Trini and Guyanese places on Church betw. Nostrand & Flatbush, & at least one Ital place - I haven't eaten at any of them.

        There are many places up Flatbush though - Ali's Roti, Errol's for callaloo loaf & veg patties, the "nile" food-by-the-pound places for callaloo...I heart callaloo.

        1. re: daiquiri ice

          i am bummed that golden krust doesnt serve it anymore. i heart my callaloo patties. even my fav jamaican, KAYLAH'S HUT in the bronx, has trouble getting it regularly.