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Apr 22, 2007 06:02 PM

Los Pollitos II - wtf?

Just had my first (and last) experience with Los Pollitos II. It's been argued that delivery Mexican might just not be a good idea, but there's more wrong with this place than that. In brief, a list:

(a) I've tried ordering for delivery a few times. The first time, I was told there was a $15 minimum, but I was alone, so I passed. The second time, I had two friends, but they said the minimum for delivery was now $30. This time, they said $20. With my two friends, I took that as an invitation to order.

(b) Ordered at 7:04, was told it would be 25-30 minutes. Called to check on the order at 7:47, was told 10 minutes. Food arrived at 8:35.

(c) Four items between us. The grilled chicken burrito was covered in (pretty good) guacamole, chopped onions and lettuce, but the burrito itself reminded me of one I had in Des Moines once in my youth: white chicken, white rice, greyish beans, gooey cheese. The mole sauce in the mole poblano was good, but the dish itself was mostly bone. A plain quesadilla seemed both undercooked and congealed. And the beef super taco was, honestly, pretty good. So maybe get the beef super taco if you're somehow forced to order from there.

Okay, that's it. I'm done. Anyone have any better ideas for Mexican delivery?

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  1. Tacos Nuevo Mexico. 5th ave. and 12th st., or La Flor 3rd ave. and 12th st. (the best rotisserie chicken I've had.)

    1. I've been ordering from Los Pollitos II over the past...almost three years? The service has gotten worse and worse.

      Generally speaking, I almost *always* order the same things: chorizo quesadillas and chorizo nachos. I'm not real big on getting burritos, empanadas, etc. through takeout, and I don't really care to dine at Los Pollitos II.

      Normally, things have always been pretty good. I'm not too far away, so depending on my level of laziness, I sometimes will pick it up. Delivery or picking up, they usually give me an accurate wait time.

      This has gotten worse and worse. Sometimes they are so far off the mark, it's pointless to go with what they tell you. I ordered the other night (Thursday, I think) -- waited 15 minutes before coming in. Waited another 20 or so in the restaurant.

      The food's still good, so that's not the issue -- but the delivery/pickup procedure sucks. Honestly, I think it's a matter of disorganization. A couple of options:

      a) a bigger "short order" area. Have you ever been there as they try to get the "small orders" ready? It's a madhouse. Were they to expand that, perhaps get a large flattop (or a second one) and a second steamer, they'd be able to accommodate more orders.

      b) a bigger front area in general. It's a shame that they can't expand, given the location. If anyone comes in, even to order "on the fly" or to pick up their orders, they're stuck waiting next to the counter, where you've got servers and busboys and delivery guys elbowing by you to get what they need. I understand they've got priority, but if you know you're going to have a couple of folks waiting, some allowance needs to be made for them as well.

      c) I always seem to detect this air of indifference/boredom/slight irritation from the guys working the counter. I'm not sure what this is from, but when you add this to the mix, it makes for a less enjoyable experience.

      Overall, I do still enjoy this place tremendously for their food, but the service is bringing me down, and I'm ordering less and less from there.

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        Uncle Moe's on 9th and 7th Avenue (delicious burritos) or El Pollo on 5th Ave and 2nd(?) for amazing Peruvian chicken.

      2. If you have ever tasted real Mexican or Tex-Mex, nothing in NYC will do. When I eat Mexican in the city, I adopt the same attitude as when I get a hot dog in Central Park or a slice of pizza in a rough neighborhood - it's slumming. You might find a place with certain interesting eccentricities, but you're not gonna strike gold.

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          There is alot of fantastic authentic mexican food in New York City. The last 10 years have seen a renaissance of mexican food. As for Tex Mex, well I can't speak to that, but there are many excellent places here. Jackson Heights, Fort Hamilton and Sunset Park are the places to start, and even Tacos Nuevos Mexico on 11th st and 5th ave has some pretty darn good stuff. As with many restaurants you need to menu pick for the best stuff.

          1. re: jason carey

            But you should keep in mind that it is mostly Pueblano cuisine (since most Mexican New Yorkers come from Puebla) and as such is quite different from the northern Mexican cuisine prevalent in Texas or California.