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Apr 22, 2007 05:48 PM

I have a Box of grape nuts, now what?

I don't like eating grape nuts plain as cereal, any one have good recipes or suggestions on how to use them? Thanks!

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  1. They are great on top of yogurt. My So mixes it with other cereals for texture.

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    1. re: mojoeater

      I agree! I ran out of granola one day and used Grape Nuts instead. It's a heartier addition and now I eat them every morning!

    2. Grapenuts pudding!!! Simple and comforting, it's one of my childhood faves... :)

      1. Have you heated them up with milk? They are pretty good that way - I add berries and a touch of brown sugar. I also love grape nut pudding.

        1. It's good for breading stuff, or for making healthy crusts for cheesecake or pies. You can mix it into patties or loaves for fiber, too.

          It's also really good stirred into ice cream or parfaits. Trust me.

          1. Grape Nut Bread
            I have not used this recipe, but I have used the one in my Grange cookbook which is similar. That one differs in that it only has 1 C of sugar, 4 C flour, 4 t baking powder!!!, 1 t baking soda and 1 t salt.
            You might use the recipe from recipezaar, but think about that sugar!!