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Apr 22, 2007 04:11 PM

Visiting the Biltmore - where to eat?

Hey ya'll -

We are doing the "tourist thing" and visiting the Biltmore. We are planning on spending the day which means eating at one of the restaurants there. From this board I have gotten the idea that the food is not as good as we might find elsewhere. I can understand this, but we will be eating there anywho, so would one of you lovely chowhounds please recommend the BEST place for us to eat lunch? Nothing too fancy, just the best we can do.

Thanks bunches,


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  1. Well now... I can only recommend the Corner Kitchen hosted by Joe & Kevin. My favorite place in the Village. The will make you happy - food, staff, ambience...

    1. We took my mom there last summer and ate at the Stable Cafe (I think that's what it's called). It was pretty good--definitely not the best I've ever eaten. My mom seemed to enjoy it, though. We both had quiche and salad and my husband had a burger. It was moderately priced.

      1. not sure what it's called, but there's a grill/cafe in the stable area near the house (where the gift shops, etc are). the food is just so-so, and it's too expensive, but if you must eat on the estate, it's the best value you'll find, and the food will be no better no matter where you eat it or how much you pay.

        if i were going to eat on the estate, i think i'd just be deliberately unhealthy and stick to the ice cream.

        personally, and like others have suggested in your other post and below, i'd leave the estate and try one of the restos in the village. rezazz is decent, tho a bit pricey. la paz is ok, but very americanized. i'm not impressed with corner kitchen, but it's still better than anything on the estate. if you don't mind chains (yes, that's how bad and expensive i think estate food is that i'll suggest a chain in lieu), texas roadhouse has decent ribs.

        or, pack a picnic lunch. earth fare & greenlife have plenty of things to nosh on that you could fill a basket with. or get take-out sandwiches from 28806. i believe there's a place near the estate (right by the hospital) called tomato jam, or something like that, that does sandwiches and the like. there are plenty of places on the estate to set up a picnic.

        1. We went there last year, and after looking at the food coming from the Stable Cafe, we opted to venture over to the restaurant at their winery. It was actually very good with a much more interesting selection than the stable place. They also had quite a few specials available, and the prices were not horrific.

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            Great, I really appreciate the advice! We will have a little nosh at the winery and bring some snacks for extra nourishment!