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your "I ate way too much rich food yesterday" meal?

Dinner party last night resulting in a massive consumption of really rich foods. I'm looking to take it a little lighter. something restorative. usually I make miso soup when I feel this way. Whats your technique?

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  1. Ruffage (sp?) I have myself convinced that as the raw/lightly blanched veggies pass through my body, they "take with them" the toxins from the day before. I realize that this may, in fact, be entirely untrue, and solely psychological.

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      I think you are on to something. After a rich meal, I always crave salad or something green and raw.

    2. Cold and/or low fat. Plain white rice and lemonade is good one for me, as is tabouli. Once in a great while, a tin of beef madrilene with some pepper on it, well chilled.

      Iced tea with mint is also nice, alongside a small piece of white fish, grilled or poached with ginger.

      1. Ochazuke: green tea or simple bonito broth, over rice. (with a little seaweed and umeboshi or pickle sprinkled on--none of the richer possible accompaniments like salmon or roe)

        1. half a head of iceburg lettuce, tossed in EVOO, then salted, then tossed again in red wine vinegar

          quenches my thirst and sits lightly in my system after a lot of rich food.

          if it's been many days of rich food, say travelling for business, I might add a couple meals of stirfried brocolli and lots of bran buds to that mix

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          1. sashimi and a bowl of miso usually do the trick for me .... the other thing I do is take Betain (HCL) it's a digestive enzyme found in a good health food store's supplement dept .. there are even natural digestive enzyme supplements for fatty foods. I take them just before I eat .. always helps.

            1. I hit the arugula hard. Bitter greens, I figure, probably help digest that.

              Plus, I get cravings for arugula.

              1. Salad or anything with lots of veggies.
                Iced tea (unsweetened) and lots of water.

                1. I tend to eat yogurt, edamame, oatmeal, soup. Sometimes raw tuna sushi.

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                    High fiber cereal and fruit for breakfast, salads with lots of veggies and lean meat/fish for lunch and dinner, usually topped with a 'good fat' dressing. Fight the not so good fats with better fats.

                    Also, all hail the power of the (homemade) smoothie. To my mind, no rich meal can withstand a banana-peach-strawberry smackdown. I freeze the fruit for a little while, then toss them in the blender with a dollop of milk, yogurt or even orange juice if thats all I have, and a litte honey.

                  2. Lots and lots of sparkling water. I don't really use much salt, so restaurant food tends to make me feel like I am retaining water; sparkling water with lemon seems to cut through that.

                    Citrus fruit does the same thing for me, so a grapefruit and maybe a piece of wholewheat toast for breakfast with a couple of glasses of water usually gets me back on track.

                    1. PB&J, a banana, and a glass of red wine (or maybe some single malt scotch).

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                            3rd. or else a huge salad, followed by small raw, vegan snacks for the day, and plenty of water.

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                              4th, on the pho (tai, especially). Sometimes in lieu of pho I'll have goi ga. Or if I've been really overloaded, plain rice sprinkled with furikake and sliced cucumbers w/ponzu.

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                                Oh yes, the delicious righteousness of rice porridge. Always a good alternative and one I turn to most often not when I've overdone it, but when I feel a cold starting. And when I feel a cold ending. And in the middle, when the cold is kicking my tail. And later to celebrate the end of the cold. And again to make sure the cold doesn't come back.

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                            I also have pho when I've imbibed too many alcoholic spirits the night before

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                              or when I have a cold! nothing like pho with a good squirt of sriracha to open up those sinuses!

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                                LoL - When I owned a Korean Restaurant, many people would come in with severe colds and order our spiciest soups, kimchi jjigae, soon tubu jjigae, yukejeon(sp?), chom pong, etc, and would really hit the kimchi.

                          3. A light fish (basa, tilapia, flounder) grilled with lemon, rice and a salad with lots and lots of water.

                            1. Big green salad, lemon juice, EVOO, and salt. Baked fish. Hot tea w/ lemon.

                              Lemon is good. Hot water will cleanse. Hot chicken broth with some cooked chicken and veg (no starches).

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                                Oh yes...hot water with lemon juice is a great way to start off the morning after a rich-food fest. Then, oatmeal with blueberries, strawberries or bananas, and plain yogurt. And lots more water.

                              2. Fasting and drinking large quantities of mint tea

                                1. I usually crave sushi after over-indulging of all kinds (drink too). I also crave sushi when I'm feeling slightly nauseated for some reason, and one would think that raw fish would be counterintuitive at times like that.

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                                    i am the same way. I think it's because sushi is such a clean tasting meal. I'm just careful not to over indulge on sushi.

                                  2. Doenjon jjigae (similar to miso) with sticky rice. Lots of kimchi and bori cha (korean barley tea).

                                    1. Brown rice, steamed greens, and maybe steamed silken tofu. Ginger and lemon juice, or even a bit of cayenne.

                                      1. I have a few that I crave the day after overindulging:

                                        Steamed veggies (usually Asian varieties), and maybe tofu, with lemon juice or ponzu
                                        Congee with gingko nuts
                                        Clear or miso soup with veggies and seaweed
                                        Big green salad with tons of herbs and sprouts and rice vinegar
                                        Veggie summer rolls or lettuce wraps
                                        Grapefruit and fennel salad
                                        Fat-free cottage cheese or yogurt with fruit
                                        Crudités with fat-free salsa

                                        I also like to drink a lot of herbal tea, sparkling water or low-sodium V8.

                                        1. Salad - greens/carrots/olives/feta/vinaigrette
                                          Camembert cheese, crackers and an apple
                                          Fruit salad

                                          1. Lots of people mention tea, and it's the best diuretic for bloat via overindulgence in food &/or drink. I always drink a cup or two of strong English Breakfast-type tea when I'm overstuffed. Makes for some extra bathroom trips, but it's worth it.

                                            My parents and grandparents--haven't thought of this in years--had a favorite way to recover from big pig-outs. Their next meal was always cornbread crumbled in milk. (My dad and grandmother preferred buttermilk, my mother and grandfather, sweet milk.)

                                            1. To not eat at all the next day, or wait until the evening and eat something very light

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                                                OMG, in Paris, eating great food . . . but then not being able to eat again for another 3 meals. By the end of 3 weeks, we hadn't had nearly as many meals as we planned because one can only eat that rich by eating once every 36 hours.

                                              2. ^^ Agree with jinet12. Really the best "technique" of all is to not eat until you feel hungry again.

                                                Until that time, I really just wallow in the sense of gluttony and satiation, and drink lots of diluted juices, green tea, seltzer water.

                                                1. Not necessarily a meal, per se, but after a day or night of 'over' (overeating, drinking, or both!) I start my day with a couple of acidophilus pills and a big mug of hot water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper (or chili powder) & honey.
                                                  The acidophilus will beef up the good bacteria in your system, the acid in the lemon juice stimulates bile in your stomach to help with digestion, the chili ups the metabolism to help speed the digestion, and the fructose in the honey soaks up excess alcohol!

                                                  After that, I would heartily 2nd all the 'fermented' food options - yogurt, kimchee, miso -- all great for helping the system 'rebuild' its good bacteria stocks.