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Apr 22, 2007 04:00 PM

your "I ate way too much rich food yesterday" meal?

Dinner party last night resulting in a massive consumption of really rich foods. I'm looking to take it a little lighter. something restorative. usually I make miso soup when I feel this way. Whats your technique?

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  1. Ruffage (sp?) I have myself convinced that as the raw/lightly blanched veggies pass through my body, they "take with them" the toxins from the day before. I realize that this may, in fact, be entirely untrue, and solely psychological.

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      I think you are on to something. After a rich meal, I always crave salad or something green and raw.

    2. Cold and/or low fat. Plain white rice and lemonade is good one for me, as is tabouli. Once in a great while, a tin of beef madrilene with some pepper on it, well chilled.

      Iced tea with mint is also nice, alongside a small piece of white fish, grilled or poached with ginger.

      1. Ochazuke: green tea or simple bonito broth, over rice. (with a little seaweed and umeboshi or pickle sprinkled on--none of the richer possible accompaniments like salmon or roe)

        1. half a head of iceburg lettuce, tossed in EVOO, then salted, then tossed again in red wine vinegar

          quenches my thirst and sits lightly in my system after a lot of rich food.

          if it's been many days of rich food, say travelling for business, I might add a couple meals of stirfried brocolli and lots of bran buds to that mix

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          1. sashimi and a bowl of miso usually do the trick for me .... the other thing I do is take Betain (HCL) it's a digestive enzyme found in a good health food store's supplement dept .. there are even natural digestive enzyme supplements for fatty foods. I take them just before I eat .. always helps.