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Apr 22, 2007 03:49 PM

What to do with leftover liquid from preserved lemons?

I'm thinking maybe salad dressing? It tastes sour and salty - like the lemons.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Ok so, I like Soup Plantation - And, It's lemon month there. Tonight, I had pasta with a lemon creme and caper sauce. It was great, light, refreshing, buttery and simple. Give this a try. :)KQ

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      1. re: Kitchen Queen

        Here's another idea, Marinade for chicken?? - then, outdoor grill - add orzo w/lemon and capers to side.

      2. Don't throw it away. It will make killer salad dressings, marinades, adds a bright spark to tomato sauce....

        1. i have leftover liquid from preserved lemons too... a cookbook i read said that it's good for up to a year? is that true? (i've had it for about 4 months because of what the cookbook said... in that case, the suggestion to use it as a marinade sounds like a great idea....

          thanks for asking this question btw, it never crossed my mind to post it here... and i've been looking at my jar everytime i open the fridge....

          1. Chicken and pasta suggestions great. Also excellent in salad dressings. Few other ideas:
            -Mix it up with tuna for a variation on tuna salad sandwich
            - Add to couscous to give it a kick.
            - Warm it up with a bit of butter and serve over sole.

            We make our own -- have never paid attention to how long it has lasted -- but does last for ages.

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              Add just a wee bit of sugar and some fresh chopped parsley, chives and mint and it is a nice cure for lox style salmon