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Apr 22, 2007 03:41 PM

Black Sesame Chips at Cathy's Bakery (SGV)

If you like black sesame, you owe yourself a trip to Cathy's Bakery.

Those gals behind the counter deep-fry (in lard, no doubt) these chips freckled with black sesame seeds that can do as much damage to the waistline as it can to your cholesterol readings.

They look a bit like pork rinds -- gnarled, mutated strips with a nice golden hue that would put any Doritos chip to shame.

Biting into one is an utter exercise in restraint. Pringles and Lays both lay claim that "you can't just eat one" of their renouned chips, but these sesame chips take addiction to a new level -- sort of like addiction on HGH. These chips have that barely discernable hint of toastiness that lingers at the deep recesses of your throat long after you've finished chewing and swallowing, the subtle sweetness of the black sesame, and the very delectable savoriness of the flour and oil combo. They go very well with some sweet soybean milk, but admittedly I like mine straight up!

If you are in the area, check it out. (Go early, they make them daily, and they tend to sell out fast.)


Cathy's Bakery
708 E Las Tunas Dr
San Gabriel
(626) 451-0101

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