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Apr 22, 2007 03:39 PM

BBQ Stand on N. Lake

I have noticed a guy set up with smokers, tables, rigged up awnings on Lake just North of New York Dr on the right side as you head north. He is in the lot of an auto care place I think. I have seen him several times on the weekends. Anyone know the scoop?

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  1. It's not bad. I like the hot link sandwich and the pork ribs. He uses Chris and Pitts sauce, so take that into consideration. Also, he's only there on Saturdays.

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    1. re: martyR

      wow!!! thanks. i actually like chris n pitts sauce! will stop in next time!

      1. re: rantsnravesnreviews

        I've gone twice, neither time did they have any dark meat chicken, which would be my preference over breast, but what I did get was pretty tasty.