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Apr 22, 2007 03:24 PM

Big Dissapointment in Taste @ Plymouth

We planned a birthday for my husband around dining at this highly acclaimed restaurant Taste in Plymouth.

The wait staff is helpful. The owner pair - he is the chef and she manages the dining room. The wife came out and personally greeted us and thanked us for selecting the restaurant for my husband's birthday. It went downhill after that...

I had a scallop dish which was swimming in butter and just OK with a spinach timbale custard and a little fresh spinach. Just too rich and I don't eat that way anymore. We started off with romaine salad with fresh spanish white anchovies - good, but not great although they touted all their produce being organic.

The worst part though was my husband's dish kubocha pork chop. The server said it was the Kobe beef equivalent of pork. We specifically asked it to be medium with some pink left - I think Americans way overcook their pork! It came out after a long time and my husband struggled with the serrated knife to cut it - obviously overcooked. We asked for it to be redone. They send out a demitasse of cream artichoke soup. The chop finally came out fatty and blood rare. The chef/owner came out and asked how it was later and was disturbed when he saw the chop was so rare and commented that this was not right. Off it went and we got shrimp in a pernod broth sent out with barely cooked shrimp that were chewy. At that point we just wanted to leave even w/o a birthday dessert. The chef sent out a handwritten note saying we can do better with a $30 cert enclosed. Nice gesture but didn't make up for the quality of the food we were served - he should have personally checked the chop to ensure it was send out the right doneness. I can tell you not one course was memorable and the richness left me with an oily tongue/

This restaurant has gotten phenomenal reviews all the way down to Sacramento but maybe it stands out because it has virtually no competion. It would not survive with higher prices and quality in the Bay Area.

I would be interested in hearing other diner comments. Again the owners were well meaning and acknowledged their problems but you can't recreate a birthday dinner.

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  1. Oceanlover, sorry your dinner experience was less than wonderful. I see Amador County like Napa was in the 70's-80's, a burgeoning wine area and a dearth of decent restaurants. It'll happen someday...

    1. I just stumbled across this old review by Oceanlover and would like to emphatically state that I have had dined at Taste numerous times over the years and have always found the food, as well as the attentiveness of the staff to be outstanding to the point of being as near perfection as anyone could expect.

      I think that the numerous accolades that they have received over the years also confirm that Taste consistently delivers not only wonderful cuisine, but an exceptional experience, as well.

      My best testimonial . . . I'll be dining there, again, tomorrow.

      Taste Restaurant
      9402 Main Street, Plymouth, CA 95669

      1. Love Taste... have turned on many friends to it and they all love it too. We now just park it at the bar and chat up the locals and servers. They now do beer pairings. I had an incredible truffle steak there this summer. We usually stick to the aps and small plates, which are wonderful. The bread...the local olive oil...the spring rolls...the deserts....

        We live in Placerville, and my only complaint is that Plymouth, a fraction of our size, has at least three better restaurants than anything is our town, four counting the gourmet deli across from Taste... and I haven't been to the latest incarnation of the old Plymouth Hotel. The other two are Glen and Marlene's Dead Fly Diner - you have to love a place with a name like that - (the food is great), and a funky blue collar Santa Maria BBQ/pizzeria/Mexican food dive called "Incahoots." It's wonderfull. Talk to the owner Jim. Ask him about the Neil Diamond impresonator who made him add pizza to the menu, and the contest he had for Mexican recipes. I'm not making this up.

        All this in a town that is essentially two blocks long. It's just not fair.

        Taste Restaurant
        9402 Main Street, Plymouth, CA 95669

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          We love Taste also. Love your description of Plymouth's restaurants and totally agree. Unfortunately, Incahoots just recently closed.

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            >>> the gourmet deli across from Taste<<<

            So glad to hear they are alive and well. We love to get their sandwiches for a winery picnic. Last time we were there, they were closed. Guess it was just temporary. Haven't tried Taste yet, but it's on my list for our usual Spring wine tasting trip.