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Share your favorite grilling meal

Mine would be marinated Steak Tips in equal parts of Hickory BBQ Sauce, Soy Sauce, Italian Dressing, and yes you would never imagine Coca-Cola. It doesnt matter the brands to much, you can keep experimenting to alter the flavors to your liking. ;-)

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  1. Chicken thighs and legs with salt and pepper, grilled, then skinned and shredded. Swim the pulled chix in barbecue sauce made with ketchup, vinegar, brown sugar, mustard, etc. and serve it with buttermilk coleslaw. Yum!

    1. Charlie Trotter Cooks at Home has a recipe for grilled radicchio and steak salad. You roast shallots and make a vinegrette, and there is also cheese involved, I think it is supposed to be blue, but my friend doesn't like blue, so she subs goat, The salad is to die for.

      1. Burgers - made with ground chuck, salt pepper, garlic, a dash of soy sauce, bratwursts, portobello mushrooms and corn.

        Make up a batch of burger buns and some rolls for the brats, grill everything, brush the mushrooms with olive oil, salt and pepper, grill everything until it's done -- making sure the corn doesn't catch on fire too much. Serve with plenty of good mustard, relish, catsup, some nice cheese, a sprinkle of red wine or balsamic vinegar on the mushrooms, butter n salt for the corn.

        Or, cut the corn off the cob, dress with lime, cilantro, a teeny bit of butter , salt and pepper. Or dress with balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil and thyme.

        1. A Madhur Jaffrey recipe for Butterflied Leg of Lamb in an amazing marinade. I think its online, yep, here:


          Sooo good, a bit of prep work on the marinate but well worth it.

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            I am not too crazy about lamb, have you ever tried this with a pork loin ? That just reminded me of another favorite "Porketta" a nice pork butt rolled with lots of black pepper, fennel and garlic and if you make it with a loin then you can stuff it with some sausage and apples, MMMMmmmmm

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              I've never tried it with pork, but my guess is the flavor would be too strong. This marinade kinda needs red meat.

              Cut the spices in the lamb recipe, add some yogurt and maybe raisins to sweeten it, and it might work great.

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                I am so confused I thought lamb was very similar to pork as far as flavor.

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                  if you don't like lamb but do like pork, why would you think they are similar in flavor?

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                    So I've been told. tried lamb once but it tasted rather gamey to me, not crazy about anything served with mint sauce to kill the flavor.

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                      do you like pork? find it gamey?

                      some people don't like lamb. "more for me" is what i say.

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                        I love pork and the one and only time i had lamb it had a very sour strong taste to me, maybe it was just a bad experience and I should try again, that was years ago so maybe my taste buds changed a little.

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                          I think the "gameyness" of lamb depends on a few things. First, what cut it is. I find the chops and the rack of lamb to be less gamey than a leg of lamb, but still very flavorful.
                          Second, I also believe the flavor all depends on how you cook it. Personally, I find lamb to be stronger, and almost unpleasant to my tastebuds when it is well done. I'd rather have it on the medium rare to rare side, which seems to cut down that gamey flavor/scent for me.
                          If you want to try lamb again, I recommend loin lamb chops. Get the thick cut ones (can be found at Costco and Sam's) Rub them with salt and pepper, maybe a little garlic and rosemary and throw on a grill for 5 minutes per side.

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                            I'll second QueenB's reccomendation of thick cut lamb chops on the grill with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and maybe a few herbs. Keep it simple and cook it rare - medium rare and see if you like it.

                            In any case, no, pork and lamb don't taste too much alike, and I wouldn's suggest that Madhur Jaffrey's marinade for pork.

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                            It's the fat on the lamb that has the strong taste----trim off as much as you can. Medium rare is a good suggestion, too. Don't need mint---rosemary, thyme, garlic, lemon, oregano, or Moroccan spices are perfect.

            2. Salmon with lemon and thyme, chicken with a smoked habanero barbeque sauce i've been working on over the years and corn. All on the grill.

              And anyone from the south will believe the Coke in a second; Dr. Pepper is the secret to many great southern hams.

              1. This is one of our favourites from the Weber BBQ book..It's a cedar planked pork loin with a lovely pineapple salsa. I've made it many times with wonderful results. Here's the link

                1. May not be my absolute favorite, but a summer grilling dish I've come to love is shrimp skewers - shrimp marinated in honey, lime juice, oil, jalapeno, spices, garlic, etc then skewered and grilled. I usually skewer some bell peppers & pineapple chunks and grill those.
                  It's perfect on a hot day - refreshing, light - yum!

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                    I like shrimp skewers. I mix up olive oil w/ garlic and rosemary and marinate a bit before grilling. (w/ all that oil, cover is a must!)

                  2. Starter: Flat bread pizza--roll pizza dough very thin and grill it on one side. Flip it to the other side, add a think layer of sauce, some chopped veggies and cheese.

                    Salad: Grilled romaine with blue cheese, olive oil and toasted walnuts.

                    Bread: Sliced Sourdough rubbed with garlic and drizzled with olive oil, and grilled till toasty.

                    Entree: A ribeye seasoned with salt and pepper, grilled to mid-rare

                    Dessert: Grilled pineapple, or grilled stone fruite with vanilla yogurt.

                    Okay, now I'm hungry!

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                      Salmon marinated in teriyaki, ginger and pineapple juice..
                      -- and then the pineapple pieces grilled in a foil packet, in brown sugar mixed with a little bit of soy, and black pepper.

                    2. Get one of those grill woks with lots of holes in it. Put a layer of cubed potatoes on the bottom, then a layer of sliced onions, then a layer of sliced red and yellow bell peppers, a layer of mushrooms, some fresh ground pepper, then put a layer of chicken pieces - I use breasts - on top. Grill using indirect heat. The juices from the chicken drip down and through the veggies and the whole shebang is outta sight.

                      You can slather the concoction with all kinds of things if you like. My favorite is Texas Pete hot sauce

                      1. Something simple - A grilled Ribeye lightly seasoned with grilled corn as a side -

                        1. This is on a gas grill, but it'll work on a Weber as well. Cut the backbone out of a chicken and flatten it. Marinate it for a couple of hours in highly seasoned oil - salt, pepper, cayenne or Tabasco, some smoked Spanish paprika - then clamp it in a hinged basket. Parboil some baby potatoes, drain dry and toss in salt, pepper, olive oil and herb-of-choice with shredded onion and sliced Hungarian pepper (the smallish yellowy-green ones). Let that sit.

                          Grill the chicken over direct heat, set so that it will cook through without burning. If the grill is large enough, have either the perforated grill basket that Jimmy Buffet mentions or an iron skillet sitting alongside to get good and hot. When you turn the chicken over, scoop the potatoes etc. into the basket or dump them oil and all into the skillet, and cook and toss until they're done, about ten minutes in the basket or fifteen in the skillet.

                          I usually have this with a salad, but one time I did the parboiling/marinating thing with a mess of green beans and put them in the basket with the potatoes about halfway through their cooking time, which made a very tasty meal. I've also done this same thing with a butterflied lamb leg.

                          1. I love all sorts of grilled stuff. Spedinis are probably my favorite. Another one that we continue to come back to is just a big basket of seasonal veggies tossed with olive oil and salt.

                            1. Another vote for butterflied leg of lamb. I marinate the meat in a mixture of wine, lots of freshly ground peppercorns (black, white, rose), ground yellow mustard seeds, tamarind paste, garlic (slivered and inserted into the meat) and salt. Then DH grills it so it's rare in the thickest parts. This is one of the few times he insists on the charcoal grill for the extra flavor. Absolutely delicious.

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                                That sounds good, I'll have to try it. You might really like the Madhur Jaffreys recipe too.

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                                  Yes Madhur Jaffrey's recipe does sound good. I copied the recipe off your link - thanks.

                              2. Last night we did a mixed grill of large shrimp, scallops and hot sausage. A few skewers of pineapple, red peppers and mushroom caps and a tray of asparagus with rosemary oil.

                                Died and went to heaven!

                                1. Lamb kebobs marinated over night in Olive oil, rosemary, red wine, garlic, salt shallots and pepper

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                                    My ex-father-in-law used to prepare the lamb for his Armenian social group's annual party, cutting up and cubing LEGS (!) of lamb and marinating them overnight in a mixture of herbs, olive oil and lemon juice, so one time I tried that (on a much smaller scale) to serve at a party we were throwing. All I had back then was a cheap iron hibachi, but the overnight stay in the lemon juice had turned the meat into what was practically ceviche, and so my job was simply to get it hot through and cook whatever vegetables were on the skewers! Everybody went on about how tender they were, though I frankly found them a little flabby. I've done much the same thing using shoulder and a shorter marinating time, and that's much better. It also solves the problem (if you regard it as such) of vegetables getting done long before the meat.

                                  2. salmon grilled on a plank, next to some fresh asparagus, and served along side cous cous with lots of lemon juice and tons of chopped up whatever fresh herbs you have on hand. it's insanely quick, easy, low fat and surprisingly satisfying.

                                    1. Ribeye steak, just with salt and pepper. Served with grilled mushrooms.
                                      Broccoli that has been coated in a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and romano cheese. Grill until just softened.
                                      Kebabs - marinate beef chunks in equal parts of teriyaki sauce and worcestershire sauce. Add a healthy squirt of siracha. Grill on skewers with veggies (we use onion, peppers, mushrooms and zucchini).
                                      Shrimp with basil and garlic. Or, to spice it up, make a mixture of cayenne, smoked paprika and garlic, salt and pepper.
                                      Turkey. We've been grilling turkey for Thanksgiving for years and it comes out perfectly every time.

                                      1. Spareribs marinated in a combo of ketchup, soy sauce, pineapple juice, lemon, and thyme, burnt just a little and served with coleslaw and rice...brings back my childhood.

                                        1. I did a thick cut pork chop in the smoker for about an hour and finished it on the grill, topped with Malaga poached Apples. Pretty awesome. Sorry that the picture leaves a little to be desired. Here is a link:


                                          1. I have another one here that is an all time favlorite:

                                            Pounded Chicken Awesome
                                            An immodestly named but nonetheless tasty appilication for yardbird

                                            boneless chicken breasts
                                            the following:


                                            2 cups apple cider vinegar
                                            3/4 cup honey
                                            2 tbsp sherry vinegar
                                            1 cup white wine
                                            2 tbsp corn oil
                                            1/4 cup tomato paste
                                            2 tbsp toasted ground cumin seed (very, extra important)
                                            2 tbsp toasted ground coriander seed (likewise)
                                            1 tsp black pepper
                                            1 tsp red pepper flakes
                                            2 tsp sea salt
                                            3 cloves garlic
                                            1/4 cup chopped onion
                                            3 tbsp dijon mustard

                                            pound chicken flat, place in marinade for 4 or so hours. grill over high heat for 8 or so minutes, turning once.


                                            1. Steak, rubbed with garlic & seasoned well with salt & pepper
                                              + grilled asparagus
                                              + grilled bread topped with chopped tomato & basil, olive oil & garlic
                                              (yes, I do love garlic)

                                              Homemade kefta kebabs (these are actually incredibly easy) with pita, humus, & fatoosh salad