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Apr 22, 2007 03:06 PM

Potato Taco In Highland Park, so good! "My Taco"

Okay, maybe I'm crazy but I LOVE the potato tacos at "My Taco" in Highland park on York between Avenue 64 and Figueroa. Actually I like all the food there and the owners seem really nice. I usually will get the sopes and chicken taquitos. I've tried the potato tacos at Senor Fish and was not impressed at all. They were too bland. Has anyone else eaten here and loved it? Or hated it? I just want to know if maybe I'm crazy?

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  1. been passing by since they opened and always wondered. I guess I should ry it?

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    1. re: TastELA

      Yeah, they just redid the place not too long ago. They bought the place next door and made it bigger and then threw some paint on the walls. I know there are probably some other great taquerias around, but I really like this place.

      1. re: TastELA

        Most definitely.......
        the place is clean, the salsa bar is really good, they make a variety of fresh juices,the rice & beans are good, the meat is not fatty or greasy and they have an excellent goat consomme.
        Service can be a bit slow at times.

        1. re: slowrider

          Just went there for the lamb barbacoa. Incredible. Jonathan Gold just called it one of the "ten best dishes" of 2007 and it is. Amazing. The "Carne Asada Fries" were terrible.

      2. Yes, I do love them too! I usually don't get potato tacos because I like some meat in my meal, but those potato tacos ROCK! And their guacamole salsa is awesome. I usually try to pick up dinner there at least once a week. Their sopes are darn good too. Don't venture too far away from the tacos and sopes though-I've had the beef soup and another beef dish and they were extremely salty.
        Their service is a bit spotty when they get slammed.

        1. do they deep fry the tortilla with mashed potatoes folded in?

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          1. re: kirkj

            Honestly I'm not sure what comes first, the frying of the tortilla or the stuffing of the potato. I almost want to saw they stuff after the fry, because the potatoes are still soft around the edges.

          2. You should really try the Potato tacos at the place JG wrote up awhile back, Atacor #11 on Figueora just north of Ave 26.
            I have become totally addicted to them - especially since they are right next to Footsie's, a pretty good bar.

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            1. re: oro3030

              Anyone know what the story is on these Atacor places? They are all over; are they related in any way, have the same menu, etc. etc. ?

              1. re: TastELA

                The custom-printed calendar they hang in #11 lists two other branches that seem to belong to the same family. I noticed that the Atacor "#1" further up Figueroa, near Ave 35, was not one of the ones listed. Perhaps they were owned by the same folks at one time and split apart; the menu is fairly similar, although #1 doesn't seem to have potato tacos, if memory serves, and the giant burritos there are larger (not necessarily better) than the ones at #11.

              2. re: oro3030

                I finally tried the tacos at Atacor #11 the other day. So good! It was cheap and awesome. The article said that the potatoes were "bland" (but good) so I was worried, but they were really tasty. If I had to choose between the two, I think it would depend on my mood. If I was low on cash and wanted more for my money, I'd go to Atacor. But the ones at "My Taco" are bigger with more slightly more flavor. But for the price of four at Atacor you only get one at My Taco.

                1. re: bigtums

                  My Taco charges $2.89 for a single potato taco? Jeez! That's crazy.

                  Another good place for tacos de papas is Jessica's, at 2425 Daly St. (Daly St. is what Ave. 26 turns into) in Lincoln Heights.

                  Oh, and make sure you ask for at least one each of the red and green sauces when you go to Actacor #11. They usually give you only one or the other, but you need alternating splashes of both to hit the real taco nirvana. And, IMO, avoid the temptation to get the 10-pack of tacos. It ruins the zen of the order-of-four, which also comes with a small baglet of chips you'll need to scrape the last smear of salsa up off the plate.

                  1. re: ladelfa

                    My bad! I just checked my take out menu and one potato taco at My taco is $1.25. To get their combo plate (3 tacos, rice, and beans) $5.25.

                2. re: oro3030

                  is this place near night and gale high school

                  1. re: eileencole

                    I'm not too sure where night and Gale HS are, but it's on Figueroa between Figueroa and Ave. 64 next to a Jack in the Box.

                    1. re: eileencole

                      Florence Nightengale Junior High School is on Figueroa and Cypress, miles south of My Taco. We called it Night in Jail.

                  2. I can't believe I never noticed this place. Is it on the south side of York, in a minimall?

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                    1. re: slacker

                      My taco is in a minimall with a chinese buffet restaurant and liquor store. It's right next to the Jack in the Box. Between Avenue 64 and Figueroa.

                      6300 York Blvd.
                      Highland Park, CA 90042

                      Mon-Weds: 8am to 9pm
                      Thurs.-Sun: 8am to 10pm