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Apr 22, 2007 02:32 PM

Any good (strange?) jerky in Seattle?

Looking for any especially good or different (deer, etc.) jerky in Seattle. Just not salmon. Any ideas?

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  1. I've noticed in my trips to Ranch 99 that Chinese style jerky is sweet or salty, but not smoked. Also, in addition to flat strips there's a shredded form where the jerky looks like hair.
    I believe there was pork jerky as well as beef jerky.

    The taste isn't bad... just different.

    1. i've seen tuna and buffalo at Madison Market .. maybe turkey too

      1. If you ever run across chicken jerky with lavender, I bet that would be good.

        We started buying our dog these "Mellow Mut" chicken jerky strips, and they smell like a Provence garden. I now wish I could find a version meant for humans!

        · Chicken Breast
        · Vitamin E Supplement
        · Clover
        · Lavender
        · Linden Flower
        · Hops
        · Calcium Carbonate (Oyster Shell Flour)

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        1. re: Cinnamon

          have you tried them? doesn't seem like there is anything in them that could hurt. Once I licked a knife with cat food on it .. (good stuff, not super market variety) and I'd say I've had worse pate before!

          1. re: oliveoyl

            Uh... yes, I did. Just a little. They were fabulous. It freaked my husband out though. And this was right before the big pet food recall. (Not that there was anything recallable in them.) I haven't tried them since. But I did go buy some Provence herbs in a little container, and some lavender. Someday, maybe I'll make chicken with it. Haven't figured out how to incorporate the hops etc. May need to adapt for beer. :D

            Actually we were on the drive up to Mammoth Mountain when I tried one. Ironically, you drive for miles and there's nothing but signs that say "JERKY AHEAD".. so of course you stop at the only store on the way and its a jerky store. I sampled several jerkys, and all were terrible in comparison to the lavender version for pooches.

            1. re: Cinnamon

              No jerky reccomendaions here, just wanted to say each of your "confessions" gave me a good laugh. Oh my gosh!

        2. i've seen geoduck and razor clam at the market.

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          1. re: ccqueen

            Really? Where? I went to the seafood vendors today, and only saw salmon. Would love to know where you found geoduck and razor clam.

            1. re: dimsumfan

              i don't think it was from any of the seafood vendors, probably a seattle souvenir type place. i work fairly close, so i will do a walk-by, too and see if i can remember who had it.

              1. re: ccqueen

                That would be great! I'm headed overseas at the end of the week and thought this would be a great gift to bring.

          2. Check out Uwajimaya. They carry some excellent unusual jerky, some from British Columbia with exotic flavors and also some Jerky from Salem, OR that is just plain delicious (Bakke Brothers, several different flavors). Most of it is beef-based, but it's as far from Oberto as you can get.