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Cinco de Mayo suggestions?

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Anyone know of an inexpensive/moderate place (bar/restaurant) with a Cinco de Mayo celebration? Looking for less of a frat atmosphere and more yummy good Mexican food, drink specials, and preferably mariachis.

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  1. There are mariachis at Mama Mexico and I love their Mexican food. What part of town are you looking for? Do you want an outdoor space? There's a great place in Brooklyn with an amazing rooftop called "Alma." Check it out...

    1. I'm open to anywhere in Manhattan, close Brooklyn or Queens! Alma sounds great. I love Mama Mexico too, so maybe that's the way to go. Will probably be packed though!

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        There's also: Dos Caminos Soho (outdoor area), Agave (BEST margaritas in town) has a great space, outdoor area and good food on 7th Ave South, El Rey del Sol (super fun place on 14th St), Tortilla Flats