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Apr 22, 2007 02:20 PM

Help me understand the Da Vinci code


1) On May 17, 2006 in a reply to "Looking for Babbo quality Italian in Los Angeles"

( ) condiment said:

"That being said, when Veronelli, who compiles what is sometimes regarded as the Michelin of Italy (and I know there actually is a Michelin guide to Italy, but it sucks) did a guide to American restaurants several years ago, aside from Valentino (and the late Rex, when Angelini was the chef, and Remi), which got the highest ranking in the country, the local restaurants they liked, lovingly described in Italian, were Campanile, Celestino (read: Drago) and Locanda Veneta (two toques), Peppone, Angeli, Madeo, and Da Vinci. Which is to say, no revelations at all. And no hidden Babbo. There are no hidden Babbos in NYC either, believe me."

Which made me consider a visit to Da Vinci.

2) All posts in this board with "Da Vinci" as subject got no replies:

Da Vinci in Beverly Hills?

DaVinci's - any good?

da vinci in bev hills, anyone been?

3) Da Vinci is offering 1000 points on opentable Monday thru Sunday (not by itself an indication of bad business...)

Question to the Honorable Members of the Board:
What's the deal with Da Vinci?
Just another red sauce, red booths, Specter-of-Sinatra joint?
A Veronelli-caliber place?

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  1. haven't been in years. we used to go with my grandparents. things I remember: dark, one of my grandparents ordered sand dabs, food was fine, i guess. We probably went on Sunday nights no later than 6 PM but I don't remember it being memorable for the food. I think the servers were nice. Good luck.

    1. Anyone been to Da Vinci more recently?