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Apr 22, 2007 02:04 PM

13 loaves of french bread

leftover from a fundraising event. They're the generic kind from the supermarket. Other than eating as is, bread pudding and croutons, any ideas on what I can do with them? Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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  1. Savory bread pudding (with onion or mushrooms), also bread salad. But so much! I'd just reduce to crumbs, freeze, and hope to use some of it someday! Or you could take it right away to a shelter where people will have it for meals soon, if it's still fresh enough?

    1. My first thought is to make subs but thirteen loaves is still a bit much. I second the suggestion about giving them to a soup kitchen or such. Or neighbors.

      1. Make thick slices with Garlic Butter on them and freeze for all your Italian Meals. Also great for breakfast as French Toast.

        1. I'd run a couple through my food processor for bread crumbs to put in the freezer for future use, and cube a couple for the same reason. Then make a sub for dinner tonight, bread pudding tomorrow and probably tear up the rest and go to the park and feed the ducks. There is a limit to how much bread you really need any given single day.

          If the texture was fine grained, I'd probably slice one super thin and make melba toasts as well. I like melba toast.

          1. There could be some quickie garlic bread in your freezer future.

            My local Albertson's used to offer "Hot at Four O'clock" french-type bread, strategically placed at the checkout queue. One night I got there at 9 PM, with quite a few loaves still there. Asked the manager, and got them at 5 for a dollar. The chest freezer had some room, so here's what I did.

            Slice the loaf longitudinally, like for a sub sandwich. Smear interior faces with a compound softened butter of chopped or pressed garlic,and chopped rosemary.

            Wrap in foil as if you were going to bake it tonight. Then double wrap it in one of those soon-to-be-taxed plastic grocery bags, and freeze. It's oven ready.

            Also did a strata for breakfast.