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Apr 22, 2007 01:56 PM

Graduating - Recommend a Chinese Restaurant for my family?

Hi guys, my parents, grandparents and siblings are going to be in Boston for my graduation in May and wanted to get any suggestions for a nice Chinese restaurant (I'm assuming in Chinatown - but general boston area is okay) that I can take them.

Obviously, being able to make reservations would be nice, but I know a lot of Chinese places don't take reservations at all. Main criteria are good food, nice/clean atmosphere and fairly large (to accommodate around 10 ppl and hopefully avoid too long of a wait if reservations aren't taken).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi

    I would highly recommend Sichuan Garden in Woburn. This restaurant is in an old colonial house (The Bradford Mansion) which dates back to the 1800's. They have a variety of functions rooms on the second floor that are perfect for your graduation party. The largrest room could easily accomodate up to 50 people but they also have two smaller rooms which would be ideal for a party of 10 or so. We had a gradustaion party for my wife there last summer and it was a big hit. WE chose the room that is decorated with Chinese style furniture, The food is excellent and if your search some of the postings for this restaurant on this board you will see that it gets high marks from most people. They do very traditional sichuan style food along with a variety of other dishes. You can easily pre-arrange a banquest menu with the manager, Michael, either in person or over the phone.

    1. In Chinatown, good dim sum options include China Pearl, Emperor's Garden, Chow Chau City, and Hei La Moon. Of excellent-to-decent Chinatown Chinese options that might be able to take a party of 10 and aren't too horribly scuzzy, Peach Farm, Grand Chow Chau, East Ocean City, New Jumbo Seafood, and New Shanghai are possibilities. If you want to go vegetarian, there's always Buddha's Delight, which is OK.

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        As far as I know, most of the Chinatown restaurants you've cited will take reservations for a group that large; I know Peach Farm will, and help you plan a menu, to boot.

      2. If you want to go to Chinatown, I suggest either East Ocean City because it's definitely one of the nicer and cleaner restaurants in the area or Hei La Moon - just for the sheer size of its place. But if you're willing to drive, there's a chinese restaurant at the Days Hotel on Soldiers Field Road on Storrow Drive. For the life of me I can't remember the name of it but their food rivals any of the restaurants in Chinatown and it's very spacious. Definitely big and roomy enough to accomodate 10 people.

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          Perhaps you mean Joyful Garden.

          1234 Soldiers Field Rd
          Brighton, MA 02135

        2. I am very fond of Mary Chung's in Cambridge. They do have a large table in the back that can probably accomodate 10. They will reserve it if you call ahead. The food there is excellent.

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            If you're headed to Cambridge, Changsho can also handle this size group and their food, while somewhat Americanized, is good.

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              I did a graduation dinner at Changsho. While it's not the most adventurous chinese I've ever had, it was a lovely dinner, the restaurant's a bit fancier than those in chinatown, it was very affordable (you can easily do less than 1 entree per person and be very happy) and the staff couldn't have been nicer. You can get a big round table with a lazy susan and share everything. We set the menu in advance. Between Harvard and Porter on the redline, they take reservations.

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                I second the changsho opinion. They really are amazingly accomidating for large parties and it's relatively quiet which is nice. Plus there is parking which is always nice since it is Cambridge. The food is consistently good as well which is a plus at any chinese restaurant outside of chinatown.

          2. Royal East (Wuyuehua) on Main St. in Cambridge may do the trick. It's a nice room, fairly elegant, and I hear they take care of banquet-type parties very well.