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Apr 22, 2007 01:52 PM

Monday night dinner in Napa area?

any good recommendations for a casual, light (healthy would be nice, but really just nothing too heavy), moderately priced and tasty dinner in the Napa Valley area (or nearby towns) - that is open on A Monday night? we were thinking a place called Zuzu for tapas as one possibility...


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  1. Just with seeing your headline only I was thinking ZuZu. Great choice. Hot and cold tapas, sizes are generous but as light as the quantity you order, good prices as well. I highly recommend the paella, whatever the combination is that night.

    1. The closed night in the valley tends to be Tuesday. Monday is considered part of an extended weekend so chances are all th good places are open Monday at Terra has been a tradition for years. But not light and cheap.

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        Consider Ad Hoc in Yountville. Every other Monday night is fried chicken night. Not cheap. $45 per person every night for 4 course set meal-- no choices. Changes daily. Casual, fun and most often very delicious. Thomas Keller's casual neighbor to Bouchon and French Laundry. SF Chronicle put it in the top 100 in its first year. Check it out.

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          You can sit at the bar at Ad Hoc and order a la carte, rather than the whole meal for $45. You could have the first course--usually a generous portion of a type of salad (the haricot vert with sliced almonds is my favorite) or a soup/stew--and the cheese course. With bread that's a more than satisfying meal. You cannot do this if you sit at a table, only at the bar.

      2. Market in St. Helena is nice. Relatively inexpensive. Good home-cooked-meal type food.

        1. I'd second Zuzu. They are also open every night.