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Apr 22, 2007 12:45 PM

Duchess de Bourgogne in Calgary?

I had a Duchess de Bourgogne beer with dinner at Belgo. I've never had a beer quite like it. It's a Flemish red ale, poured into a red wine glass - which I found strange - until I tasted it. Amazing. Chocolatey with hints of sour cherry and balsamic vinegar. In a beer! The distinctive taste comes from being aged in oak barrels.

Anyway, does anyone know if this is available at any liquor stores in Calgary?

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  1. I've found Duchess de Bourgogne at Kensington Wine Market and Willowpark.

    Nice to hear Belgo's got *something* beyond the usual suspects. For a Belgian place, I've always felt their beer list was inexcusably shallow.

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      Found it at Kensington! Thanks.

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        If you're ever back in Edmonton, the ultimate beer store is Sherbrooke Liquor Store on Groat Road and 107 Ave on the NE side of the traffic circle. They have *every* single beer that is available for import from the ALCB list. I love stopping by and picking up a random beer type!