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Apr 22, 2007 12:31 PM

Best Days for Oysters?

The story goes that you shouldn't eat sushi on Sunday b/c there are no fresh deliveries of fish - so you're eating day-old fish.

Does the same apply to oysters or do the fisherman deliver fresh daily? If anyone knows - please say so.

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  1. Nothing to worry about. Oysters have been shipped from the coasts for centuries. From Brittany to Paris and beyond since the 1600's. From the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Coast inland through the Hudson River, Great Lakes, canals and trains far inland. From New Orleans, up the Mississippi to St. Louis and further on steamships. All the way to Denver once the Transcontinental Railroad opened. Down from the Pacific Northwest to San Francisco.
    As long as they're kept cool and damp, they stay alive and fresh for weeks.
    Sooner or later, they lose some moisture and plumpness and quality is definitely gone. Eventually they die. If the shell is open, the shucker knows the oyster is dead

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      MakingSense makes an excellent point: the oyster is still alive as long as it is in the shell, unopened. So it's not quite a fair comparison to a dead fish!

    2. The day does not matter for freshness, but some restaurants do specials on certain days. Saltwater Grill on South Carrolton does them for $3.00 a dozen on Monday nights, Harbor seafood on Williams used to do that on Wednesday nights.

      1. When you decide TO EAT THEM. Has there ever been a bad day.?

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          i think there was a misunderstanding - I've been eaten tons of oysters (and sushi on sunday) for many years. I just was thinking about the sunday sushi story - and wondered if oysters had the same time frame. i guess since they're alive until opened it doens't matter. but i think i'd still rather have fresh than month old.

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            Most restaurants get deliveries a couple times a week. Not every day. So the chances of getting day old fish or oysters or whatever are pretty good.

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              They don't live for a month, even under refrigeration. More along the timeframe of days, not weeks. If you're concerned about their age, ask the shucker. He/she can even tell you where the oysters are from, as they're tagged according to their origin ("zone" or region of the coast).