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Apr 22, 2007 12:11 PM

inexpensive place for dinner near Dunn Loring/Tysons?

Any cuisine, something new perhaps? Open to anything.....

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  1. If you are up for Chinese, the NY base grocery chain GW in Dunn Loring/Merryfield is now offering a Taiwanese menu in their little eatery area in the back. Give it a try.

    Great Wall Supermarket, 2982 Gallows Rd., Merrifield, VA, 703 208 3320

    1. Cafe Delux is a very nice local chain with a location in Tysons, below the huge Crate and Barrel store.
      Busara is right there too:
      Below Delux, down Rt. 123 is an Anita's(local mexican chain) and Tara Thai (local thai chain). Both really great.

      1. I live in Dunn Loring, and we're regulars at Paya Thai (IMO the best thai join in NovA), On the Border in Tysons, a darn good their Carnitas Fajitas and their salsa, and there's excellent Chinese in Merrifield, next to Five Guys in the same strip mall as the aforementioned GW supermarket. Also frequently dine at Artie's (fairfax corner) and Argia's (falls church). These last two would be the most expensive.

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        1. re: Meg

          I second the rec for Paya Thai--I wouldn't say it's better than the places on Columbia Pike (or Rabieng in its heydey) but it's definitely better than Tara Thai or Busara.

          Meg, what's the name of the Gallows Rd Chinese place you mentioned?

          1. re: sweth

            Sorry Sweth, can't for the life of me remember the name of it. I want to say it has Peking in it, but no idea for sure. It's right next to 5 Guys though.

          2. One of my favorites in that area is Myanmar, a Burmese restaurant that also hints of Thai and Indian. It's just across the Beltway from Dunn Loring, in a strip mall just off of Rt 29 Lee Hwy.

            Do a search on this forum and you'll find several threads on it.

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            1. re: KCinNoVa

              What did you get at Myanmar? I went there a year or so ago and didn't care for it at all. And I normally love Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Korean, etc...

              1. re: TXBBQFAN

                My wife and I usually end up with the ginger salad (though the squid salad is good, too) and the squash fritters (love the dipping sauce). When the weather's cold, the spicy fish soup hits the spot. We like several of the curries, too, especially the pork tamarind curry. There are other dishes we've enjoyed, as well as some that we haven't, but I'd have to look at the menu to refresh my memory.

                Like some other small places, there are some days when the food just isn't as good; maybe the cook as an off day or is off that day?

            2. I love the black pepper sauce at Taste of Saigon, it's in an office building right across from Tyson's Galleria. mmmmm some of the best food I've ever had