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"Cool" restaurant for preteens/teens (Seattle)

I will be visiting my cousin's kids in Seattle this summer. I want to take her three girls out for a fun meal. (ages 11,13, 16) Can you please rec. some places that would be neat? They live in Woodinville but anywhere in the Seattle area is much appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Lunch or dinner? How much do you want to spend? Are they adventurous eaters or do they prefer to order mac & cheese off the kids' menu? What would they consider "fun"?

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      Good questions...sorry I didn't specify before. Lunch OR dinner...doesn't matter....I don't really care about the price-I only get out there once a year and I want it to be special. I would say that the girls are not super adventurous eaters-meaning they probably wouldn't go for sushi, etc. Because they are middle school and high school age I wanted to take them somewhere that would be unique. I had thought about a fondue place or something like that....I'm just not really sure.

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        If they haven't been to the Space Needle yet, and if you really don't mind the price, that would be my strong suggestion. Even an urbanite like I love the view, and someone from Woodinville would enjoy it even more. The food is pretty good, though not too adventurous and much more expensive than it would be at ground level. But it's not at ground level. The kids will have a great time, and so will you.

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        I would go for a cool, urban vibe rather than the touristy (Space Needle/Salty's) or chains (you can get chain "Mongolian" food anywhere) that some people are suggesting.

        Maximilien Bistro in the Market, with its hidden Pike Place location, great view and cool, funky French bistro feeling (good for brunch, too).

        I don't generally recommend the Italian food at the Pink Door but teenage girls would probably like it, and that deck is one of the coolest spots in the city. It's a wonderful spot in the Market, with Christmas lights strung all around and a view of the ferries going in and out on Elliot Bay.

        The outdoor patio at Serafina is very nice, the place feels urban and grown-up, and you probably can't go wrong with Italian.

        I like that Palace Kitchen and Agua Verde ideas, too, though keep in mind Agua Verde is an order at the counter kind of place, and VERY crowded on nice days.

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          Agua Verde is only order at the counter for lunch, it is sit down for dinner

      3. i grit my teeth as i write but this seems an ideal opportunity to visit the less-than-spectacular restaurant atop the space needle or the slightly better dinner train (though the wine tasting might be problematic)

        1. madame k's in ballard? you'll have to cover their ears when you order dessert...or maybe be known as the only cool relative in the family.

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            Heh. My brothers (8 and 14) always want Indian food when they come to visit...

            Other favorites include Salty's weekend Brunch buffet and a meal at the Space Needle. Neither are going to be the best meal of your life, but they're sure fun for the kids!

            Another more "grown up" alternative might be the Palace Kitchen. They are the most casual of the Tom Douglas restaurants downtown and make a mean burger. You can check out their menu online (although it does change quite frequently) and see if it might suit their tastes. Keep in mind that they only take reservations for parties of 6 or more so if you are going with just the 3 girls, you'll want to get in early to beat the wait.

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              Changs Mongolian grill is a fun and reliable restaurant where the diner gets to chose the ingredients to go into their stir fry and the chef cooks it up fresh. It's not gourmet but it is damn tasty and I personally always leave satisfied.

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              Tried to go to Madam K's last week with the baby. I'd never noticed that it's 21+ before.

            3. Take em to the "coolest" place in town. Veil. It's Ichiro's favorite restaurant as well.

              1. Agua Verde, near UW. Great on a sunny day, overlooking Lake Union.

                1. I think Bimbo's Bitchin' Burrito Kitchen in Capitol Hill would be a good choice--it's all decked out with Mexican kitsch with tons of stuff on the walls to look at. Burritos are okay, too.

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                    Bimbo's is closing soon. It's moving to 12th and Pikeish and will be renamed Bimbo's Cantina. Even though I don't frequent the place I like the attitude. The new name disappoints me. However, I can't say I know all of the details.

                  2. Over the years we have taken my teenage son and his friends to the Palace Kitchen, that is usually his choice. Beware that they are not open for lunch and that they only take reservations for parties of 6 or larger.

                    I would avoid Agua Verde, my Mexican food loving son hated it and actually I would rate the service and food as poor.

                    1. I like the Agua Verde idea - especially if you could take them kayaking before the meal! (There is a kayak rental shop downstairs and a restaurant upstairs, where you have views of the water). Keep in mind they are closed on Sundays.

                      Bimbo's has great food but doesn't feel like a "special" place to me. Even though Agua Verde is inexpensive and casual, it is unique enough to feel special.

                      You could also come up with two ideas and let them vote - kids like to be involved in decisions, though you might have a dejected kid if it's 2-1. Or maybe get their suggestions on cuisine types. Who knows; maybe they'll surprise you by asking for sushi :).

                      1. It might not be "cool", but how about tea? Tea rooms are actually making a comeback and may actually be considered trendy at this point. And I think traditionally it would be seen as fun to take the girls out for tea. I don't know the tea shops, but I bet others here would be able to comment. Not a stuffy high tea like in London, but a relaxed trendy Seattle tea. And finish it off with a trip to someplace like Trophy Cupcakes in the Wallingford Center. Just a thought.

                        And on the subject of tea of a different sort, you could take them out to a junk-foody bubble tea place for a trendy treat on a different day.

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                          If you decide on tea, Remedy Teas (http://www.remedyteas.com/) is new teahouse on 15th in Capitol Hill. We really enjoyed it a few months ago. It's open to 11p so it could be an soothing after dinner treat. They seemed to have a pretty full menu- savory and sweet. I think tea is fun. But if it was a sunny day my vote would be for Agua Verde.

                        2. I asked my pre-teen and teen for recommendations, and they said Buca de Beppo is the coolest, possibly tied by Blue C Sushi in University Village.

                          1. Try boom noodle on capitol hill. i've always liked that place (:


                            1. My neices like Buca de Beppo and then they usually go to the EMP or Seattle center they are Jr high and High school age