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Apr 22, 2007 11:15 AM

Is Ali Baba still great in Dallas?

Haven't eaten there in years, even before they expanded locations. Is is still really good? Which is the best location?

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  1. Yes, indeed, still good. I only eat at the Lower Greenville location; whenever I'm in need for a falafel or hummus fix, that's where I go.

    1. We have eaten at the one on Preston, and it has been consistently delicious...They are or already have moved though....

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        We used to go to the one on Preston, but since Ali Baba Express opened in Richardson, we go to that one for all-you-can-eat hummus. The place is always packed during lunchtime (open only for lunch).

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          Ali Baba on Preston Road is OPEN. Did NOT move. Did NOT close. There is an Ali Baba Express location on Campbell in Richardson (all you can eat buffet) & a new location in Irving in addition to the original on Greenville & the one on Preston. Escellent food at all locations

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            So GLAD to hear that...Don't know why the manager told me that they were moving...

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              Okay, so went to dinner at the one on Preston last night...Asked the manager if they were still moving and he said not for awhile....

          2. Ali Baba has opened another location - this one's in Irving (MacArthur and 114. Same complex as Champs/Bahama Breeze). We went to try their lunch buffet - the food was reasonable (needless to say dishes sitting in buffet trays for a while cannot really match up to a-la-carte).

            1. Also, besides the delicious hummus, Ali Baba has the BEST Baklava that I have ever eaten...including versions that were very delicious and eaten in New York, where this type of food is supreme, in my opinion....

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                Try Backlava at Afrah's (on Belt Line in Richardson). You might change your mind ;-) We buy it by the pound.

                1. re: kuidaore

                  Thanks! I'll try it! Have you tried the food there as well?

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                    I'm not big on their food (after all the place started as a bakery), but some people like it.

              2. Went to the Preston Rd location in Far N Dallas. Glad to have found it's still excellent. Enjoyed my usual dishes: mezza plate with felafel balls on the side, lamb kabob, roast chicken.

                I think they toned down the sharpness of the garlic sauce that comes with the rotisserie chicken, unfortunately. It was mild. The garlic used to linger on your palate for days, no longer.