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Apr 22, 2007 11:08 AM

Vancouver-4 nights-July

Ok, I think I have 3 of 4 nights set thanks to all the great info on the board. (2 people,early 40's, first vist, I don't eat meat, looking for a different eating expierence each night)) First night Parkside, 2nd night Sanifir, 3rd night C. What do youthink of that order and where might you go for 4th night? Thanks!

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  1. Wow... you're sure making the most of 4 nights! If you like Indian, try Vij's; I'm also a huge fan of Feenie's and the Gramercy Grill - all are about a 10-minute cab ride from downtown. If you don't get outstanding Japanese where you live, try one of the Guu restaurants. So many meals, so little time...

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      Vij's is definitely a must-try. Not that they serve the same kind of food, but I would go to Vij's instead of Sanafir.

      1. re: jayes

        If the weather is at all decent why not pack a picnic and go to the beach?

        There are all kinds of places to buy different picnic fixin's and a discrete glass of fine local wine goes well with the sun setting in the sea in a blaze of clour.

      2. re: meganw

        Not sure what dates you'll be in town but if it's July, it may be on one of nights for the fireworks. If that's the case, just enjoy one of the small local restaurants along Denman, Robson or Davie. Some suggestions are the noodle or tapas restos along Robson/Denman area. Lots of falafel/gyro and pizza places too. This way you'll get the true experience of Vancouver.

        1. re: gourmet wife

          the Sylvia Hotel is good for fire works. They do a prix fixe on the nights of the fireworks and they let you go out to the beach to watch then come back in for dessert.

          1. re: starlady

            thanks for all the good advice-we'll be there the 4-8 so no fireworks!

      3. 4 nights? I'd do West, West, West and West.

        But that's just me...

        Would definitely choose it over the night at C.

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          We're fish/seafood people,so I was leaning toward C. I felt that West was more meat oriented and more formal? Am I wrong?