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Suggestions for taking a 16 year old to dinner in the LES

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I am taking a 16 year old to dinner in the LES. She has pretty basic tastes, but I want to like where we eat as well. Thanks.

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  1. How about 'inoteca? Barrio Chino might also work.

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      How about Tides? It's great seafood and should satisfy both of you. Enjoy!

    2. Any price range and preference of decor / ambiance / cuisine (American, burgers, seafood, italian, etc.)? There are many restaurants in LES, so more information can help us to suggest appropriate ones to you.

      1. Frankies 17, Clinton Street Baking Street, Schiller's

        1. If she like seafood, Bondi Road. She might think the Australian surfing theme is cool. I think Inoteca might be lost on a 16 year old, and no wine appreciation either.

          1. Clinton Street Baking Co.

            1. You all are going to hate me, but....take her to The Stanton Social. I would have LOVED the place at 16, I love it now at 26 and I know I will keep loving it for years to come. The atmosphere is very chic and "New York" and she will be familiar with the foods. For someone younger and less adventurous, I think a small plates place is the way to go.

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                LFeinberg, we will never hate you, we all love to hear from you! In fact I think Stanton Social will be a place that a 16 year old likes a lot. The only caveat is that it may be expensive (if they are going for a causal dinner) and a bit noisy. If price and noise is not a concern, Stanton Social is a great choice for 16!

              2. What about Cronkite on Norfolk at Rivington? Forgive me, I love pizza, I'm a 33 year old trapped in a 16 year old's tastebuds. It's really excellent pizza.

                Or Freeman's? The whole "at the end of an alley" thing is very cool.

                I agree with the recommendation for Schiller's.

                1. Zozo's Juice & Grille on corner of Stanton + Orchard. Phenomenal chicken fingers, great salad, very low key. Schillers has great burger and fries, as well as more sophisticated palette pleasers, but usually too crowded. El Castillo De Jagua on Rivington at Essex has huge portions and delicious Spanish/Latin food with a lot to choose from. Ditto suggestions to go to Cronkite for pizza and the more adult menu and extensive wine list.

                  1. I've taken my 16 yr old to Schillers with good success. It's sort of hip in a way a 16 year can understand and the food is worth eating.

                    1. I love the Stanton Social. They should have enough variety to please any palate.