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Apr 22, 2007 10:22 AM

Rockenwagner Pretzel Bread >>> Now Available

BreadBar (3rd street) is now stocking a few items from the Rockenwagner Bakery including the pretzel bread rolls. Nice condition too.

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  1. The pretzel bread items Rock... that's great news for those staying close to that part of town... how about reciprocating and sending some Susina love to the Westside?

    1. Sounds yummy! Are they similar to the ones from La Brea Bakery?? - La Brea makes them as "Sticks" :)KQ

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      1. re: Kitchen Queen

        The pretzel products at Rockenwagner (the big R) and 3 Square vary alot, depending on when you go. The standards I always see are the cheddar and bacon-cheddar pretzel twists, as well as pretzels, pretzel rolls (it's the standard meal carb they offer to restaurant patrons next door) and various other shapes that might come plain, with salt, or with cheese and sometimes herbs (I think) on top. As you might know, Hans is from Austria. His head baker, Wolfgang (Wolf, Wolfie) is also from there. They know their pretzel dough like sushi masters know their rice. If you're ever cruising the Westside, Rockenwagner and Three Square are worth the visit. I think it's after 5PM when the goods go to half-price. As most of their items keep very well, that's a great bargain.

        1. re: bulavinaka

          As someone addicted to Rockenwagner's pretzel rolls (aka Laugenbroetchen)--who buys at least 5 a week at the Culver City farmers' market--I would like to add that while the quality can vary a bit, I do not find that they are ever disappointing. Sometimes they're softer, sometimes more well done, but always delicious and easily the closest to the German version I've found in this country. I absolutely prefer them to both La Brea and The Bread Man, though in a pinch I'd eat either of those, too.

          1. re: bulavinaka

            Thank you - Sounds like I have to pay a special visit!!

            1. re: Kitchen Queen

              Let me know what you think! If you like cheese, I also recommend the pretzel roll with cheese, which is melted cheddar usually, sometimes swiss. In Germany, it would be Emmentaler, so the cheese flavor is sharper, but I quite like Rockenwagner's "Americanized" version with cheddar.

        2. Are these pretzel rolls similar to the ones in the bread basket at Mastro's?

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          1. re: love2eat

            You know, I remember having pretzel rolls at Mastro's but I think they may be the La Brea ones, because they're stick shaped, right? Am I remembering correctly? I know Rockenwagner used to supply Zax (which served the pretzel rolls sliced), but I'd be curious to know if they supply other restaurants with them.