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Recommend some good restaurants near Lincoln Center


My folks are going to see an 8pm show at the Met in two weeks, I was wondering what would be close enough to eat at around 5:30 or 6 and make it in time for the show via cab. Something nice, like Daniel, Babbo, in that league.

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  1. Per Se, Masa, Porterhouse NY, Landmarc...all of the fantastic restaurants in the Time Warner building! Make sure to have a drink at MOBar at the Mandarin Oriental...all inside this one building.

    1. Rosa Mexicano -- it's right across the street from Lincoln Center and it's delicious. Please don't be fooled by the extremely hokey webpage.... http://www.rosamexicano.info/servlet/... it really is very nice inside.

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        I second Rosa Mexicano. It's amazing

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          I third Rosa Mexicano. Order the guacamole; it's made table-side.

      2. Telepan--69 Street and Columbus Avenue

        1. Compass is within walking distance (70th and Amsterdam) and has a wonderful $35 3-course prix fixe. They have always been very good about being aware of time for pre-Lincoln Center clientele.

          1. I second Telepan. On the up and up, and very good food.
            For classic pre-Met dining, Picholine is hard to beat. One of the greats, and closest to Daniel in food.
            Less formal, Gabriels on W60, opposite the Mandarin Hotel. Very good Italian.

            Have fun,

            - Sean

            1. We usually go to Gabriels, an excellent Italian on 60th street, before Lincoln Center.

              1. The only restaurants that are up to the level of Daniel and Babbo in that area are probably just Per Se and Jean Georges.

                Agree with Sean that both Telepan and Picholine are great choices, though they are not at the same level as Daniel.

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                  Do you think it's possible to eat at Per Se and make it to their show? That sounds tight to me.

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                    Hi Adrienne,

                    I don't think it will be possible for the OP to dine at Per Se, given the time constraint and that there probably won't be any reservation available at this point. Actually I just remember Le Bernardain is not far away (51st btw 6 & 7 Ave), so while I think 3 restaurants: Per Se, JG, and Le Bernardain are all at the same league as Daniel, Per Se is out as an option.

                    In conclusion, go to Jean Georges or Le Bernardain, or pick something that is slightly inferior to Daniel.

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                      kobe, I look at this situation quite differently. In my view, restaurants of the caliber of Daniel, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin et al, are not for pre-theater dining. Even though the meals there may not take as long as at Per Se, I still think of them as "entertainment for the evening" places.

                      I've not been to Telepan yet, and though we've not been to Picholine since the renovation of both the interior decor and the menu, our past experiences with the food there, as well as the service, have been mixed.

                      We have been to Compass many times pre-Lincoln Center and I agree with sylviag that it would be a perfect choice. The cuisine being served by current chef John Fraser, while a cut below the high flyers, is excellent, there's a good wine list, service is fine, and the space has very attractive contemporary decor. We always book for 5:30, and after a delightful, relaxing dinner, walk the few blocks to the Met.


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                        Hi RGR, I hear you. Though I think getting the full tasting menu at JG or Le Bernardin does post some time concern, but I think JG has a 3 course prix-fixe dinner for $35 if you order between 5:30 - 6pm. For 3 courses I think there should be sufficient time for elrushbo to enjoy 1st class dinner without having to rush to the Met. For Le Bernardain, if you go there at 5:30, order right away, and tell them that you need to go to the theater, they will be able to accommodate your need. Very relaxing may not be the case, but at least it can be paced to meet the time requirement.

                2. They should definitely have a 5:30 reservation - and they should make it now. Cabs can be slow at that hour, when they need to be on time.

                  I suggest Picholine, which is very lovely and right across the street. If they don't mind walking a few blocks, then Compass (which we loved) or Telepan.
                  After years of going to the 8:00 opera at the Met, we learned to stay closeby and to start early so that we could have a relaxing dinner.

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                  1. Recommend Picholine - very close by; nice room etc. Telepan could also work though a little bit farther north. Gabriels - though great food and accomodating curtain hours - not of the same league as Daniel, etc.

                    1. Telepan
                      Landmarc (TimeWarner)
                      Cafe Gray(Time Warner)
                      Not a big fan of Picholine, it is as stuffy as can be... but many like it...

                      1. With all respect to the supporters, if your folks are going to the Met, don't go near Rosa Mexicano beforehand. It's way too downmarket, in spite of the fancy waterfall, and even the guacamole.

                        - Sean

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                          Plus, if the folks are from anywhere further south, they won't be impressed with this Mexican food. The guac is good, but that's about it.

                        2. I am surprised that Bar Boulud did not make the list - http://www.danielnyc.com/barboulud/ba...

                          We dined their last week and found the food great and true to form (lots of traditional French country fare, organ meat, etc.) but the service was uneven at best and the atmosphere a bit noisy particularly for older persons. There was no sommelier on a Saturday night so we were told.

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                            because the thread is from over a year ago ....

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                              Stay away... stay away... stay away.
                              Did I say stay away?

                              The food is erratic, certainly not up to Bouloud's par; the service is, dare I say it, worse than at a Friday's (and Friday's bartender's are more knowledgeable than BB's waiter's and 'quasi-sommelier).

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                                I've only been once, but the charcuterie at Bar Boulud was amazing -- a revelation for me. The "quasi-sommelier" gave us excellent recommendations on wines all night.