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Apr 22, 2007 09:32 AM

Need reccs:cheap eats, quint Chicago, ethnic, tapas

Hi there! I am visiting Chicago from Boston next weekend and need recommendations for all my meals. I am staying near the Hyatt Regency. I would like:
1) moderate (nice but not shmancy) place---I always prefer modern and contemporary to traditional and stuffy and formal--for dinner.
2) any classic Chicago places--quintessential Chicago..
3) any cheap eats
4) any organic/vegetarian places
5) any amazing ethnic eateries...I like downhome stuff
6) great bars--mellow and fun, not high end or sceney but still cute
7) tapas...small plates stuff

Thanks in advance for any tips!

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  1. You can find lots of answers in recent extended discussions here.

    For recommendations on "quintessential Chicago" and cheap eats, a thorough topic is:

    For moderately priced restaurants near the Hyatt Regency:

    Vegetarian recommendations:

    There are so many kinds of ethnic food, you'll need to search for any particular kind you may be looking for. One Chicago specialty is Greek food in Greek Town:

    And, of course, Chicago-style pizza:

    For recommendations for brunch and breakfast:

    And for tapas:

    1. You won't find much in the downtown neighborhood of your hotel that is cheap or ethnic---those little places can't afford downtown rent. Walk two blocks west to State Street at take the Red Line subway toward Howard. 1) Get off at Argyle for a street of Vietnamese places (Argyle Street spilling over south onto Broadway). 2) Get off at Loyola, emerge from station, wait for Devon 155 bus in front of McDonald's, ask driver to call Western Avenue, and you will be in our Indian-Pakistani neighborhood that is lined with restaurants (all cheap, all ethnic, some vegetarian).

      If time doesn't allow you to leave downtown, try Big Bowl (Ohio & Rush) a block west of Michigan. Pan-Asian stir-fries, some veg, all good, entrees about $10.