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Apr 22, 2007 09:05 AM

Eggs Around the County - SD

Mother's Day is coming up soon and every restaurant - good or bad - will be booked solid for brunch. That got me thinking about eggs and which restaurants handle eggs well. I'm not necessarily looking for the best egg dish(es) in the county - tho' that would be cool too - but rather the restaurant(s) that handle and prepare eggs well. By well, I mean eggs that are cooked as ordered, not fried eggs swimming in grease or scrambled eggs that you could bounce off the floor because they've been so overcooked. In other words, kitchen that treat eggs with a little respect and not just as an after thought to throw on the plate to temper the fat and carbohydrate hit.

The single best plate of eggs I've had in SD were at Arterra a couple years ago in their Eggs Benedict. Terra did a pretty good job too, and believe it or not, the eggs in the frittata at Perry's in Old Town were better than expected.

So, fried, scrambled, coddled, baked, poached or shirred. What restaurants in San Diego serve up great eggs.

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  1. I love the eggs at OPH. Their scrambled eggs are perfect every time. Buttery and creamy, never overcooked.

    1. I like the eggs Benedict with crab cakes and citrus mustard hollandaise at JRDN. I order them with their regular hollandaise on top, and the citrus mustard version on the side. That way you get the best of both worlds

      1. The best eggs Benedict I’ve had in the area was at Cavaillon with Bacon and
        Spinach. I also likes the Bullys’ Benedict with beef and a Pommery mustard hollandaise (at Bully’s East).

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          If Cavaillon still has truffles (it may be a couple of weeks too late, though...), the best bet would be truffles and eggs there.

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            easily the single best egg dishes we've had were at Cavaillon. Their herb and tomato omelette was cooked to perfection, bursting w/ tomato jam and fresh Italian parsley. Their scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, chives and cream cheese was also divine. Their Eggs Benedict (I think it was the salmon version??) had a wonderful contrast of textures and flavors. Poached egg was perfectly done, runny yolk and non-rubbery white. And all for about $10!!!

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              For $8.99 try the fried egg sandwich at Cafe One-Three. Sublime.

          2. Although this does not pertain to cooked eggs, the absolute best eggs I have ever had were from this Swedish or Norweigian lady and her daughter who would set up at the Del Mar Farmers market.

            I believe she had a farm up on in Ramona. When I lived closer to SD - I made my pilgrimage there to pick up her farm fresh eggs about twice a month.

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              That counts too! What day is the farmers market in Del Mar? I grew up eating very fresh eggs since my grandparents owned a chicken ranch. My sister and I used to go on rounds with my uncle when he gathered eggs. Then we'd help him weigh and sort the them. I should probably check the OB and Hillcrest markets for an egg vendor, I'm sure there is one.

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                If you're looking for fresh eggs, there's always Hilliker's in Lakeside on El Nopal. Some of the grocery stores stock them, but you can drive right up to their door and get a dozen!

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                  The farmer's market in Del Mar is on Saturday from 1-4pm in the parking lot next to City Hall between 10th and 11th Street just west of Camino del Mar (Rte 101). The egg lady sells FANTASTIC eggs, and I try to get there every Saturday to get mine. She sells several different varieties and sizes. I just looked at my carton in the fridge, and the sticker says "Eben-Haezer Poultry Ranch, Ramona, CA". She also sells amazingly delicious Danish butter cookies from time to time. Enjoy!

              2. I had a pickled egg at the linkery this week that was great. Had a nice, hard-boiled egg feel with a great pickled taste.