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Apr 22, 2007 08:49 AM

La Moreliana - SD

Has any one tried La Moreliana - carnitas estilo de Michoacan? It's the place tucked in between Super Cocina and Fruitilandia. I was over in that neck of the woods yesterday afternoon and walked by it. Unfortunately, I had already eaten lunch and wasn't hungry. I'm planning to go back in a couple of weeks, but I'm curious as to know whether anyone has already been there (done that).

Also, has anyone found corundas in San Diego. I know kare_raisu has found them in OC, but that's a longer road trip than I want to make right now for masa filled pyramids.

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  1. Another Michoacan treat I'm looking for: pan de natas. Has anyone seen it in SD, or even OC or LA?

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      Is this it or just a regional 'mayan' version of what you seek?
      I checked out this place about a month back - it was my first taste of Yucatec food. I liked the pan de nata - nothing mind bending- just a really tasty pound cake.

    2. Hey Diningdiva - their sister property is in the Imperial Ave. Farmers market. I believe Kirk mentions eating (or missing a chance to) a taco there because there was only one 'cut' left - I don't think it was maiscza.

      Ive walked in a few times there to beg them for a t-shirt [cant pass up SC unfortunately] because I like their pig stewing the cazo logo but alas - employees only tshirts. They are really friendly and nice people.

      Last time I was down in San Diego I made it to Pancho Villa Market on your suggestion there was a woman in line in front of me who was quite the conversationalist upon see ing my epazote. We got to talking to food and she mentioned she was from Mich. - so I asked about corundas in San Diego. None in Sd that she knew of but she reccomended a place that she drives down to Rosarito specifically for Corundas. All she told me was "Rosarito" or at least I understood - no specifics beyond that. So Rosarito may be a little more viable than the OC [Garden Grove] or Fontana.

      I think you might find some luck in investigating the other tamale operation going east on Imperial on the North side of the street. I'll try to pull up the name.

      Or if you have a good recipe and just need some help to make a ton to freeze - I'd be happy to help because I wouldnt know where to begin.

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          I did a search for "Michoacan San Diego" on the Google Maps - many may be long shots but worth a try - even if you just call rather than swing buy.

          You know more town names than I in this state - so I would punch these in to the google maps.

          1. re: kare_raisu

            Tamales I've made, lots of different kinds. Once you get the hang of working with the corn husks (or banana leaves) they're actually fun to do. Not sure I'm up to taking a stab at the 3-dimensional corundas!