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Rosario's on Carson St.: Mega impressive

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Heard about this place on Chowhound and had to give it a spin.

I pull up to the strip mall and am greeted by the site of two jokers hanging out at the adjoinging liquor store. They appear harmless and I stroll past and into Rosario's tiny joint. Upon entry you're met with a slightly confusing L-shaped layout; turn 90 degrees left for takeout-call-in, go straight for dine-in at what is apparently really an upscaled bar. I place my order for a small pepperoni, saugsage and jalapeno pizza plus a six-inch sub, and soon realize my error when the man says "25 minutes" and then notice the steady stream of call-in pickups. That's clearly the correct strategy here and one that is quickly appreciated by their regular customers.

Anyway, after waiting I head to my car with my meal and just before leaving open the box a bit to sample one slice before hitting the road. What I see I'm unprepared for; it looks as if someone has lopped off a large patch of triceratops hide and slid it into my pizza box. Or so the giant knobs of sausage meat appeared at first glance--they seemed to literally cover the entire pie.

I risked minor burns and took hold of a slice--excellent! The pepperoni and jalapeno worked fine with the megasausages, the sauce was detectably tasty and not tomatoey glop, and the crust had the faintest hint of cornmeal but was otherwise serviceably fine. It isn't thin-rolled "NY-style" for which I'll still make the trek to Domenico's in Monrovia, but it is a very good find for pizza.

I was also pleasently surprised by the small sub. Too many subs today come across to me as bland but this was a sprightly offering if basic and typical in all the usual ways. I think it might've been the mustard that got me but anyway a tasty offering.

I'll have to go back and try the ravioli. Biggest fault of the place I'd say is the rather limited menu (and as mentioned, the wait time for walk-ins).

Rosario's Italian Restaurant
1353 E. Carson St.
(Just a spit east of the 405)

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  1. I love this place, it's on my top ten list of pizza joints, a whole pie loaded with 2-3 ingredients and extra cheese requires 2 people to carry it to the car...ok so I am exaggerating a bit.. It is heavy though....and this pizza has a lot of flavor with a LOT of quality ingredients, not your typical NY or Chicago etc... but who cares when it's good.