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Apr 22, 2007 06:14 AM

No Cook Lasagna Noodles

I am getting ready to cook for 60 men at a church function next weekend and I am making Lasagna as the main dish. Has anyone tried making it with the no cook noodle? I would love to try it simply as a time saver. Is there a significant difference between cook & no cook as far as taste & texture?Thanks

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  1. I've used the no boil lasagna many times and they'rea great timesaver. I run the noodles under cold water before layering. This assures that they'll cook properly without any dry spots.

    1. Yes -- they are great (no one has ever commented on a differece in taste or texture, and I certainly can't tell a difference). They save so much time... when I discovered these a few years ago, I went on a lasagna-making spree!

      Be sure every noodle is covered with cheese and/or sauce. Spread your filling all the way to the edges of each noodle. Otherwise th part of the noodle that is exposed will not soften up, and you'll have a crunchy surprise around the edges of your lasagna.

      Good luck!

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        Thanks for the quick reply - I have another question - do I need to use more sauce in the layers to make up for the pasta absorbing moisture in order to cook? or is the moisture it absorbs insignificant?

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          You can even use regular lasagna noodles. I use Barilla lasagna noodles without any problems. Make sure you have a good layer of sauce on the bottom. Cook covered and finish uncovered to allow top to brown. By covering it you will have enough moisture to cook the noodles without a problem. Again you don't have to buy no boil noodles and you don't have to moisten them first. It works

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            I do add a little more sauce with no boil lasagne sheets.

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              Yep, you can use regular lasagne noodles. Like scuba-scooby-doo says.

        2. I grew up in an Italian town in NJ. My mother got someone's recipe for lasagna and would make it without cooking the noodles. That was long ago, before this type of noodle was made. I always liked her lasagna. In fact, it was one of the only things she made that I did like. She wasn't much of a cook.

          I've made lasagna both ways. Working with the wet noodles can be difficult. They are very slippery. I also like the drier texture without cooking the noodles.

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            Did your mother make her lasagna with foil tightly covering the pan? I know someone whose lasagna recipe also does not require that you pre-cook the noodles but you do add more liquid and cover it -- wondering if yours is similar.

          2. When I used to make lasagne, I always used the no cook noodles...Just be sure that every surface of the noodles are well covered with sauce, or they come out "crispy"...not a good thing.

            1. These are all I use anymore to make lasagna.
              They're a huge time saver and easy to work with. Texture and taste are just as good as the ones you have to boil.