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best steak in l.a?

i don't eat meat, so i could use some help on this one.

family coming to visit from new york...major steak aficionados. i've taken them to mastro's twice, and they loved the food both times. they liked boa too (the original on sunset).

sooo...is mastro's still great? it's been a few years since we went. i'm thinking about trying "cut" but some of the reviews have been less than stellar.

would love anyone's thoughts/recommendations. price is not an issue.


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  1. My experiences with Mastro's have always been good. I have found their food and service to be consistent. I just read some positive reviews here about the porterhouse for 2 at Table 8, that might be worth looking into.

    1. Mastro's is still good.

      You might consider the Arroyo Chop House in Pasadena. Excellent aged beef, very good wine list, uncluttered and straightforward menu, place looks great, subtle and dignified.

      Or Pacific Dining Car. Not nearly as good-as-what-they-charge-for meat cooked over mesquite, Los Angeles institution, great classic atmosphere (dining car and all), wonderful at 4:AM, impresses many visitors at any time of day -just not so much for the food. But the food's worth it if it's in the middle of the night. It great to have a quality steakhouse open 24hrs; their breakfasts are pretty tasty too.

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        thx...pdc definitely isn't their style. i've heard such good things on chowhound about arroyo, but don't think they want to make the trip to pasadena from santa monica just for dinner.

        we'll probably just stick with the tried-and-true...mastro's. i really wanted to try cut [i hate to admit it, but one of the best meals any of us has ever eaten was at spago a few years ago]...but i've heard/read too many negative things about the service and food to justify those prices.

        thanks for the input!

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          While a few of the reviews of Cut on the LA board were pan's the overwhelming number were unalloyed raves, from service to food, (even non steak mains and appetizers) to ambiance.

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            The only negative I experienced was that if you are there for a long evening (they don't seem to try to turn tables if you are still eating/ordering) you will have to pay parking in excess of the validation time. Other than that....

          1. Hands down.... THE best steak in LA is the Steak Coleman at Dan Tana's. Forget all these cookie-cutter steakhouses... this place rocks!

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              I also LOVE Mastro's, but Dan Tana's is a good suggestion too - could be a really fun meal for them, it's such a fun place, with great service and great wine, and you will definitely have a good selection of things to get off their menu. Personally I love the Frank Sinatra.

            2. I'll chime in and say Mastro's as well. I recently had visited a few steak houses (Ruth Chris, LG's in Palm Springs, and Mastro's) and hands down, Mastro's was the best. Lots of nice sides to choose from as well.

              If you aren't too fixated on staying in LA, I would definitely try the Mastro's in Costa Mesa (Orange County). The place is HUGE (two stories of dining areas), easier to get reservations, nice large bar with live music.

              Can't speak for Cut, haven't been. But I will give that one a shot the next time I want to go out for steak.

              1. since they can have ruth's chris in ny i'd take them to cut.

                mastro's: quantity over quality
                dan tana's: about the scene/atmosphere, top-quality food is NOT their raison d'etre
                boa: ok
                dal rae: avoid except for the flambe desserts
                morton's: never been impressed
                arnie morton's: ok

                1. For something delicious and a little different, how about Fogo de Chao?

                  133 N. La Cienega Blvd.

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                    But if you go there, you shouldn't eat for two days before and you won't be able to eat for two days after! It's SO MUCH FOOD!!!

                  2. Nic & Stefs. One of the top 5 in LA (imo). You see the aged meats hangin in a glass reefer.....Food & Service has always been excellent....