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Apr 21, 2007 09:59 PM

Sweet tour of LA recommendations?

We will be in LA for a few days soon and are interested in hitting up any new bakeries and sweet spots.

We have been to Sprinkles, Auntie Ems, Suzie Cakes, City Bakery, Hot Cakes, Rockenwagner Bakery, Frosted, Leda's, Portos, My Little Cupcake, Yummy Cupcakes, Jin, Boule, Sweet Lady Jane, Joan's on Third, Toast, Susina, Beard Papas, Amande, Clementine.

We have not been to Big Sugar Bakeshop, Violet's Cakes, Dot's Cupcakery, Butter Cake, Cake Walk, Milk, Pinkberry, Frittelles, Bluebird, Dainties, 3 Square.

Any places we should add to the list?
Where are the open Pinkberry? Their site does not have a working list of locations.
Any spectacular ice cream or gelato shops?

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  1. Your timing couldn't be better. Bulgarini in Altadena just opened recently. They are reputed to currently have the absolute best gelato in town. Two active posts within the past week will get you going on them. I haven't been yet, but thousands (literally) already have.

    Pinkberry? Well, okay - if you insist... they have long been in the process of trying to open additional units in just about every part of the broad LA region. You just name the area that you'd like to visit one and my gut tells me that one of many kind Chowhounders who are admitted Crackberry addicts will be glad to let you know where the closest one(s) will be. Their Venice location on Abbot Kinney should be open within the next week, according to their site supervisor.

    You mentioned, "Amande." Did you possibly mean Amandine? If you haven't been yet, they have some of the best - no - the best croissants I've tried here. Their baked goods are quite good - Running Pig will personally rec their chocolate-banana danish with almonds. I really enjoy their cakes as well.

    I go to Three Square about one to three times a week. They always offer top-knotch baked goods like their bacon-cheddar twist, raspberry sandwich (strawberry if you're lucky), chocolate nougat ring, hazelnut triangle, and their muffins and scones - while not "look at me I'm so beautiful" looking, they are deceptively good in taste. I think they currently have three chefs who alternately crank out the baked goods, and they all have their own favorites. So depending on the time of day, you will see different offerings. As you've already been to Rockenwagner (the Big R), you might not be so impressed with 3 Square other than it is a nicer place and seems to offer more items - some of which I've already mentioned.

    Buttercake might be a teeny place in West LA, but their goods are big on yum. Check out Pei's posts on Buttercake. Although they seem to be known for their cupcakes and mini-cupcakes, they seem to do alot of things well. Their carrot cake is great, and their espresso chocolate cookies are one of my favorites.

    I just picked up two dozen Dainties cupcakes (plus four more that Bill and Susan tossed in - some of the nicest folks you'd meet) for my son's basketball game tomorrow. I think their cupcakes are the wonders of cupcakes. The care that goes into making their whipped cream toppings is truly old school. They make almost all of their base flavors from scratch. One of my favorites - the caramel frosting is infused with caramel that Bill makes from scratch. The frosting in his plain old vanilla cupcakes have zillions of vanilla beans broadcasted in it. The raspberry frosting is from his own raspberry sauce and the raspberry garnish is always fresh. And of course the tops of the cupcakes are dipped in ganache - double-dip for the Stupid chocolate. You can always call ahead for the flavors of the day.

    As you've already tried Jin Patisserie, another patisserie that I feel belongs at the top of my personal list is Patisserie Chantilly. They're in the sleepy South Bay town of Lomita, but they offer some of the most exquisite desserts and coffee that I've had the pleasure of trying. Most patrons offer praise to Chantilly's cream puffs, especially their choux aux sesame, but I find just about everything else that I've tried there to be all that one could ask for. Just keep in mind that their puffs are made to order, which can take ten to fifteen minutes on average. The usual routine for me is to order however many cream puffs I plan to have, and wait for my cream puffs by ordering one of their other desserts in their case plus a cup of their coffee to keep me occupied while I wait.

    Bob's, The Donut Man, Primo's, Royal and USA Donuts seem to be on the top of the donut postings. My personal favorite (thanks, Tony Michaels) is Primo's as they make a killer buttermilk bar, and Primo's is a tad over five minutes from my home via the 405.

    Enjoy all the high-calorie grazing - please don't forget to report back and let us know what you thought. We are always curious about what folks from other areas think about our offerings.

    1. Sarkis Pastry for amazing Baklava.
      1111 S. Glendale Ave. Glendale, CA 91205 Telphone: 1-818-956-6636

      1. It looks like you've covered a lot of places, but here are a few more that might be of interest:

        Bread Bar (3rd St or Century City mall)
        City Bakery (Brentwood, 26th & San Vicente, Brentwood Country Mart)
        Le Marmiton on Montana Avenue has some pastries
        The Little Next Door (3rd St)

        I tried Milano Freezer for the first time today (on Olympic Blvd. near Robertson in Beverly Hills) - might as well check out the "Imitation Pinkberry" thread to add some other fro-yo places to your list :)

        ...and as bulvinaka mentioned, Patisserie Chantilly in Lomita/Torrance for sure!

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          I'm a huge fan of BreadBar, but I think their breads are better than their eclairs, meringues, and the other items in their cold case. The sweet stuff that is not in their cold case is wonderful, though. Not sure what happens inside that cold case...

          1. re: glutton

            That reminds me that Little Next Door serves Tart Tatin and other classic French bistro sweets.

            To mix it up, I would add Oinkster just so that you could try out their Ube Milkshake.

        2. Yes, yes, yes to checking out Bulgarini for gelato in Altadena - but I seem to recall that they're open Wednesday through Sunday, so hopefully someone else will chime in with their operating hours.

          Since you'll be driving through Pasadena to get to Altadena, how about Europane bakery on Colorado (one block east of Lake) in Pasadena? Some incredible fruit tarts have come from there (I'm partial to the blueberry tart thingy-ma-bobber (not sure of the technical name, sorry), as well as other delightful bakery items.

          Also yes to the Dainties cupcakes - incredible! And (if they're still being served - not sure how long the strawberry season is) the strawberry donuts at the Donut Man in Glendora are unlike anything I've ever had (in a very good way).

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          1. re: ElsieDee

            I had one last wednesday night, they season is just getting good, they told me peaches will be after 4th of July. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyy! ! !

          2. I would add the Thai desserts place, Bhan Kanom Thai, in the same mini mall as Ruen Pair. They have an interesting taco looking crepe dessert that is just delicious. Do try the mango with sticky rice if it's still in season.

            5271 Hollywood Blvd
            Los Angeles, CA 90027
            (323) 871-8030