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Apr 21, 2007 08:55 PM

Best butcher shop in Paso Robles?

I get to bring my own meat to a barbecue. Where's the best place to buy beef or maybe lamb? Any place that makes its own sausages?

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  1. I know this is not much to you, but in Old Town Arroyo Grande, there is the Arroyo Grande Meat Co. which is an awesome butcher shop. The majority of the time the very friendly owner, Mr. Gonzalez, is who helps you. He makes approximately 20 different variates of sausages... 3 of them available fresh in the case and all the others are available frozen on a rotating basis. He has awesome selections of aged beef and organic chicken and other meat, along with all standard butcher shop fare. (He also cures his own roast beef and pastrami and makes a mean $5 lunch sandwich)

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      Thanks. I'll be passing through Arroyo Grande on my way to Paso Robles. I don't know if the motel I'm staying at has a refrigerator.

    2. I would suggest that you check out the New Frontiers Market in San Luis or
      Spencer's Fresh Market in Atascadero. Great choices at both places.

      1. I agree with AG Meats--best custom shop around. Nature's Harvest in Templeton also carries naturally raised meats. They are prewrapped and frozen. 805-434-3062. Small store, but fiercely dedicated to the organic way.

        Spencer's sausages are great. Their markets have good butcher counters with willing staff. One in AG and one in Atascadero on your way.

        Styro cooler with plenty of ice should do the trick for 12 hours or so.

        One of my favorite local sausages (med. spicy) is the longanisa chorizo at La Placita Market at Orchard and Division in Nipomo, 5 min west of the freeway. (Left on Tefft, left on Orchard to the shopping center) Terrific over oak coals an the BBQ.

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions. The motel I'm staying at doesn't have refrigerators, so Arroyo Grande is out.
          Los Robles Meat Shop in Paso Robles is within walking distance of where we're having the barbecue. Does anyone have experience with them?

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            not familiar...will stop by next monday and report....

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              I stopped by today and it is Los Robles Meat Shop/Carniceria.

              M-F 9a to 8p
              S/S 8a to 8p
              At the far end of Black Oak Dr., left off 46, just west of the interchange at 101.

              Run by "Bob & Yolanda." I walked in and the case was sparsley filled, but (a very personable) Bob said they cater mostly to the local Mexican families, and cut everything fresh to order. They were showing the typical thinly sliced meats: ranchera (flap meat) milanesa (thin, thin round), even 1/2" thick T-bones. A full range of Mexican meat cuts including tongue, whole beef head, you name it they'll get it.

              I spoke to Bob about something to BBQ and he said since they cut everything fresh, they could cut bone-in steaks to any thickness desired up to about 1 1/2"on the saw, and boneless steaks by hand, even thicker. Bob and Yolanda are bilingual, but the counter help may not be. You could perhaps point to a picture?

              Their beef is select grade, which he said is supermarket grade, what one would find at Albertson's etc.

              Bob said they said they carry beef:
              short ribs, whole and crosscut--"Hawaiian style ribs" bbq'd these make great nibbles
              tri tip, T bone, top sirloin, chuck
              beef roasts, beef steaks, tongue, head, etc.

              natural pork, no nitrates, salt or brining, although if you call ahead, they will marinate it in their special spicy marinade.
              spare ribs (no baby backs)
              pork cushion roast--so-called pork tri-tip, delicious and fast cooking!
              pork shoulder etc for carnitas

              No flash and dash here, just the basics for folks who know what they want. A few veggies,(tomatoes, tomatillos, garlic, onions, cilantro, limes, etc) tortillas and sope shells, a decent selection of Mexican cheeses and crema, good looking fresh salsa in tubs, beer and drinks. Chips.

              Not a full market, more like a meat market with convenience foods--what you might need to grab when you're having the guys over after work for an impromptu BBQ.

              Across town: Out 13th St all the way to Creston Rd (about 15 min from Los Robles) is a good looking meat market in an aging strip mall. Lots of precooked meats like carnitas, and shrimp and chicken. Might be good for picnic foods if you are up for that. Don't recall the name, but past the elementary school on Creston Rd about another mile or so on the left. Tucked into the back row. Great taqueria next door.

              I did stop by Ralph's Custom in Atascadero but despite the sign on the door indicating he should be open, he was closed. A cryptic mention of a shop in the outlets ( a nearby half-vacant outlet mall) showed no signs of any Meat market. You might want to call and see if he'd be open. The photos on his website look inviting. The site has a link to Harris Ranch, a California feed lot and meat packer up by Coalinga which has a good reputation for naturally raised (no hormones,etc) beef. But you can get Harris Ranch beef cuts at Spencers Market in Atascadero too. (take Santa Rosa Rd exit northbound 101, turn left on El Camino, two long blocks to a shopping center on your right.)

              hope some of this is helpful....have fun!

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                Thanks. I appreciate all your efforts.

            2. Any thoughts about Ralph's Custom Meats in Atascadero?

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                Been around for ages; does lots of custom slaughtering and butchering for local ranchers and folks growing their own. Not familiar with their products. Should investigate!