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Apr 21, 2007 08:29 PM

La Familia Giorgio

Has anyone been to La Famiglia Giorgio's on Salem St.? I'm planning a bachlorette in Boston and this was recommended as a good place for family style Italian in the North End. Love feedback, I'm the only one of the girls who's from here (Braintree, but work on Beacon Hill) so they think I'm some boston expert.

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  1. This place is the classic exponent of the quantity over quality formula. I think it's pretty bad. It's cheap, and you get a lot, but it's all quite shoddy, occupying my lowest rung of Tourist-Trap Hell among North End restaurants. There are so many nearby places where you could get a sensible amount of much better food for the same amount of money. How many people are you inviting, and what's your target for the total meal cost, not counting wine? Are you insistent on doing family style?

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      Of course, the likelihood is high that if this is a private party, a place will work with you to serve family-style even if that's not its usual schtick. You also might consider Marco, which serves family-style on Sundays and is far superior to LFG.

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        8 people, 10 at the most, not insistent on family style, just looking for good, in the North End (we are staying over night nearby) and a similar amount of money per person ($10-15) not counging wine. Thanks for this info, the recommendation didn't ceom from someone I'd normally trust with my culinary reputation! I'd love any suggestions. Idealy someplace that takes reservations (this is on a Saturday night).

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          I can't think of a single North End restaurant with dinner prices that low. You might be able to do that at Pizzeria Regina. Lunch is a different story.

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            Well i'm looking for low-moderatly priced. Quality and decent portions for the money are key...plsu space for 8-10...reservations would be nice.

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              You're dealing with city prices. I think if you set your expectations at dinner to more like $25-30 per person before wine, you can include some worthwhile places like Antico Forno, Massimino's, Artu, and Pagliuca's that all take reservations. Of the four, my favorite is AF, for its good wood-oven dishes (baked pastas, pizzas), casual atmosphere, simple desserts, and modest wines. Massimino's is a very solid Italian-American choice, with some local charm, and they'll take reservations for parties that size. Artu, which is surprisingly good at dinner for a place I tend to think of as more of a lunch spot, would be my next choice. Pagliuca is probably the least authentic, most Italian-American, but it's decent, the kind of spot favored by locals from the neighborhood.

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                You could also try Il Panino Express for passable pasti and subs in your price range. Another place to look at might be the new Hot Tomato, with sandwiches as well as pizza with good toppings (I liked the combination of ricotta, spinach and garlic) and a somewhat thick and chewy crust. It's a bit out of the way and would be easier to score a table.

            2. re: fijifruits

              $10-15 is tough. I think you may want to look at more casual locations for that price - Waterfront Cafe - down and dirty place, but good solid food. It's in the North End, just not Italian. MC's suggestion of Regina's for pizza is the only other place I can think of for that price range.

              1. re: chowciao

                Waterfront Cafe's not a bad idea. And they DO have Italian on their menu (pasta and pizzas). Though it's certainly not the best of that genre in the North End, their food is actually fairly decent. Better than La Famiglia Giorgio's in any case.

              2. re: fijifruits

                It sounds to me like a job for Maggiano's in Park Square.

                A chain, yes. But the food is definitely better than Giorgio's and large parties are their specialty. They also take reservations.

            3. La Summa has a little back-room space (not private, but not right in the middle of the dining room), takes reservations, and is within your price parameters if you don't go wild. Emedio's is another possibility. Hot Tomatoes is so small that a group this size will pretty much take over its tiny storefront space, and La Famiglia Giorgio is truly wretched.

              1. La Famiglia Giorgio's: huge portions, but then you have to eat it.

                1. I would suggest Nebo on North Washington Street; their menu is set up where you can share the dishes with large groups of people and they encourage that. I was there Saturday evening and everything I tried was delicious. Arancini, pizza, pasta, brushetta, etc. And they can accomodate large groups of people; the music is great and so is the decor -hip and trendy.

                  1. La Famiglia Giorgio, imo, is everything I DON"T want in a restaurant, except that they have friendly service.

                    The food is AWFUL, plus the individual servings are more than enough for a family of four.

                    There must be at least 100 restaurants in the North End that are better than that!

                    L'Osteria, which is also on Salem Street, has a private room downstairs and serves really tasty family style Italian. You might want to check that out.

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                      L'Osteria also has a downstairs dining room that would work well for a small party get together.