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Apr 21, 2007 08:15 PM

Mama's Fish House 2007

I have been going to Mama''s at least once a year for the last 16 years and I am sorry to say I have dined my last there.

It has expanded again...into the patio and bar area and it has finally outgrown itself. The food has always been reliably good at Mama's, never stellar but solid quality. The draw for me is the locale. I have always waited for a window table because that is the only reason to pay the $100 plus a person to eat there.

Now, even waiting for a table (formerly a pleasant experience in the airy entry/bar) is an ordeal.

All good things must come to an end, I suppose, but it is disappointing to see a beloved place drown in its own greed.

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  1. For as long as I've been a part of Chowhound, I've noticed the severe polarization re: Mama's Fish House. There is no middle ground, it's either "love it" or "hate it". I suspect this is part of the reason you haven't received feedback -- fear of starting a war. Your experience is both sad and valuable. Thanks for posting the updated information.

    1. The last time I ate there was in 1997, and I have incredibly fond memories. I think I probably won't go back. It's a rare gift when a restaurant is the same or better the second time.

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        oh yes, i could surely start a war about mama's fish house, but its not about the food, perry is a awesome chef, its about the old management and floyd the owner....
        we lived on maui and even work at mama's for a few years,
        and how myself and my girl were treated by the management and owner while working for them, as we too found out that the overgrowth and the greed became our sacrifice for their glory and greed...maui is no ka oi, but not mama's management or owners