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Apr 21, 2007 08:10 PM

Need new food in Asheville area!!

Okay folks, we have been held up in Asheville and are bored with out restaurant choices. I know there are other places out there that we haven't tried and I need to know what they are!! We went out the other night and I walked past about a dozen restaurants that we haven't tried and that haven't been mentioned (or at least that I haven't found) on Chowhound.

We have been to:

Early Girl - 3 times - first two times were great, last night was very blah - Salsas, Limones, Fig, Zambras, Laughing Seed, Asheville pizza and brew pub, the Pisgah Inn & Doc Cheys off the top of my head.

We will travel for our food so anything in the area will do. Anything good in Black Mountain? Brevard? Swananoa? Tell me where to get a fabulous fish, a voluptuous vegetarian meal or an awesome amber ale and we will be there.

Thank you!!


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  1. lorettas on patton (downtown) for lunch. table on college street for dinner or lunch. over easy cafe (broadway) for breakfast. Greenlight cafe? (on the main road through town) in black mountain for great vegetarian. cocina latina on patton (west asheville) for dinner. \\

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      Greenlight in Black Mountain is for sale so I wonder if they are still open...I like Verandas for lunch. Brevard - Hob Nob for dinner and have heard there is a good sushi place in the Walmart shopping center. Swannanoa???
      Definitely Cocina Latina in West Asheville. Stoney Knob (Greek/Italian) in Weaverville. Mike's in Weaverville for great burgers and beer. Ultimate Ice Cream in East Asheville for amazing ice cream...

      1. re: leahinsc

        Thats what I'm talking about!! How is flying frog?

    2. You could go to Marcos Pizza on Merrimon (short drive from downtown) for some KILLER pizza - best in town IMHO...The Noodle Shop on Pack Square CRUSHES Doc Chey's for good Chinese/Asian Fusion. Tupelo Honey for great breakfasts....mmmm...Papa's and Beer on Brevard road - great Mex....have fun!

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        Forgot to mention that we've been to Tupelo too. I'm looking into Cocina Latina for Asheville and we'd love to have a nice meal in Black Mountain. Does anyone know if Greenlight is still open? If it is, greenlight or veranda??

      2. Why don't you try lunch on the patio at the Grove Park Inn? Obviously a tourist spot but everytime I've had a meal there it was really nice and you can't beat the view.

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        1. re: iwannaeat

          Which restaurant at Grove Park? Thanks :)

          1. re: lavendula

            None, over priced passable food with great views

            1. re: catsailor

              Hmm...maybe will go for a they have a happy hour?

              1. re: lavendula

                No happy hours allowed. It used to be great to get cocktails at dusk and sit in the rocking chairs out on the patio. Unfortunately they switched it over into a restaurant. I'd wait for the holiday season when i'ts decorated and the fireplaces are going in the main lobby

                1. re: catsailor

                  I've had drinks on the patio relatively recently. Maybe it was in what they considered the off-season...seems like I was wearing a jacket, but I know I had wine in a rocking chair last year some time.

                  I've had one lunch at Grove Park, it was poor quality and mediocre. Could have been an off day, but I haven't felt the need to eat there again. The breakfast buffet is not bad.

                  1. re: danna

                    Probably was I think they only serve meals out there in the warmer months

        2. Make the drive to H'ville: West First Pizza, One Love for Jamaican, El Padrino for Tacos.

          Best in Brevard is Sora for sushi, IMO.

          2nd the Ultimate Ice Cream Rec.

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          1. re: danna

            Have been wondering about One Love. What's good there?

            1. re: Jeff C.

              Everything I've had so far. Jerk chicken, curry chicken, oxtails. The cabbage and turnip greens are great, the plantains are ripe,soft and sweet. Rice is not greasy, a huge plus for me. On my most recent trip, the gave us a small piece of what looked like cornbread, but was sweet and tasted of banana. Banana bread/cornbread hybrid. Genius. I will be stealing the idea. Very nice people work there.

              1. re: danna

                Eat in or take out? (Hard to tell from the street.)

                1. re: Jeff C.

                  Eat in. Really, it's not scary inside. Unfortunate side of town, granted. (I had to tell my husband it's rude to stare even if someone IS a hooker.)

                  It's clean and bright inside and the service is earnest. They have Ting, and it earns you a smile if you order it. They have not been very busy both times we went, so please give them some business if you have the chance. I think it's a great option for H'ville and I hope they make it.

                  1. re: danna

                    I will. I promise.

                    P.S. Is Ting a soft drink or what?

                      1. re: danna

                        Hmmm. Don't usually drink soft drinks, but that sounds like it might be worth a try!

                      2. re: Jeff C.

                        Hahaha, we just came home from Earthfare with a bag 'tings" from Roberts Gourmet....kinda like veggie booty cheetos ...totally addicting.

            2. SunnypointCafe in West Asheville for breakfast lunch or dinner, Chorizos in Grove Arcade Great breakfast, lunch and as of tomorrow they should be serving dinner. The Market Place go before 5:30 or 6pm? for their blue plate special great food. I like the Left Bank also but can be hit or miss. Also look in the Wed living section of the ACT for wine dinners. We love trying new restaurants matched with wines from wine stores distributors etc. Chefs like to get a little inventive and the price with wine is usually a good value

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              1. re: catsailor

                Consider Thai Basil in the Grove Arcade. Also, if headed to Hendersonville, you can't go wrong at Gypsy Cab Company (actually the name of a restaurant) on Main Street.

                If it's a sunny day (like today) don't bother with the outdoor seating for dinner at the Grove Park Inn. At that time of day, the sun is right in your face and it's difficult to appreciate or photograph the otherwise splendid mountain view.

                The excellent downtown restaurant Table is not open Monday and Tuesday,

                1. re: mardy

                  I have heard mixed reviews for Table and Market Place... I will check out their Blue Plate Special... what's good at Table? Thai sounds good, haven't had that in's pretty authentic? Been wanting to try Sunny Point but thought they were just for breakfast, will check out their dinner menu. Any ideas about Veranda/Greenlight? Cocina Latina is where it's at? So many options, thanks guys!

                  PS- going to the Biltmore one day this week....I know this isn't a chowhound destination but were should we eat lunch there? I heard the Bistro was okay or that there is a restaurant in the Vineyard area. What do you guys think about the wines there?

                  1. re: lavendula

                    While inside the Biltmore Estate, you might have lunch at The Stable (named for its history as same). The wines get varied reviews, but all seem to agree that, price considered, they're certainly pleasing.......

                    If dining at Table, order something different, something you don't usually prepare at home. Always a good idea at a good restaurant, anyway.....

                    1. re: lavendula

                      leave the estate for lunch and head over to fig, less than a mile from the estate. Much better food. Much better wine. Stable is mediocre for the price.

                      1. re: bethd127

                        I agree with Beth's recommendation. I, too, would prefer to eat at Fig rather then The Stable. And some people would prefer to stay inside Biltmore Estate until their visit is over. For these folks, The Stable will work out just fine.......

                        1. re: mardy

                          Thx Mardy, we would like to stay inside to maximize our time :)

                          1. re: lavendula

                            I didn't reply to your Biltmore thread because I've never eaten inside the Estate, but, I will comment that when we toured it earlier this month (the day before the hard freeze...whew!) we ate a nice hearty breakfast around 10:00, spent the day at the estate, and then ate an early dinner at Modesto at 5:30.

                            That said, my parent's had dinner at the frou-frou place in the Inn, and they thought it was very good. They aren't very chowish, however. If I had needed a snack, i would probably have gotten it at the outdoor cafe in front of the looked like a pleasant spot to sit.