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Apr 21, 2007 07:31 PM

Current Kosher in Philadelphia -

First off I apologize for posting I know it has been discussed before but got tire of looking throught 5 yo posts but on to my question I will be in the philadelphia are in a couple of weeks (King of Prussia actually) and wanted to know what the current state is?

Two that I ahve come across and am interested in hearing comments on are Yitzi Peking and Max and David's - suppposedly just opened-


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  1. I think Yitzi Peking might be closed or closing. I heard very mediocre reviews.
    The Acme on Montgomery ave in Narberth has kosher fried chicken, deli, salads, etc. In Center City, there is Mama's Vegetarian with the best falafel in the city and Orthodox Hashgachah. There's a new kosher meat falafel and shwarma place called Mama's Grill on South St, and an old falafel and schwarma place called Maccabeam at 11th and Walnut. There are several Kosher Vegetarian Chinese place in Chinatown, including Cherry Street Vegetarian and New Harmony (my favorites) as well as Kingdom of Vegetarians and Singapore. Some of these are Conservative Hashgachah, so call and check if you need to. Thank you.

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      We just ate at New harmny a week or so ago and wow was it GOOD! We did the all you can eat dim sum and were VERY happy! I so want another scallon pancake!

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        Yitzi Peking is not closing, and the Sushi is some of the best that I have ever had. The regular menu is varied, and offers a wide selection. Personally, I think the food rivals some of the best that I have eaten.

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          The sushi pizza at Yitzi is excellent. I wouldn't have believed till I tried, but I tried and now believe.

      2. Did Max and David's ever open? If so, are there any reviews?

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          The Philly Inquirer is reporting that Max and David's in Elkin's Park is still under construction:

          Thank you.