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Apr 21, 2007 07:06 PM

Cafe Berlin , Capitol Hill

I was in D.C. this week and noticied that there is a German restaurant on Capitol Hill. Has anyone been there? I'll be back in D.C. for a week in July and would like to try it, if it's any good. Danke!

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  1. It is a decent neighborhood restaurant. I've had several very meals there. Stick to the basics and you will do very well.

    1. I use to live right down the street from there and went about once a month. It's a great neighborhood spot with friendly service (from what I can's been about 4 years or so). It's great in the summer/spring because you can sit outside and enjoy one of their great beer selections. I remember having an excellent pork dish there as well as schnitzel that was nice and crisp. I def. would recommend it if you have a meeting in the area or are staying near by.

      1. My family loves Cafe Berlin. The food is good, German food. Which is to say that it satisfies my craving for wurst, schnitzel and sauerkraut. July is a perfect time to grab a seat outside with a liter of Paulaner heffeweisen with friends and watch the world go by.

        1. Thanks for your input.

          1. I lived on Capitol Hill for several years and we would go to Cafe Berlin frequently. We still live in DC, but not on the Hill. We go to Cafe Berlin every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and also in spring when they have asparagus on the menu. I like the food a lot--I'm vegetarian and there is always something on the menu for me. My husband is a meat eater and loves the pork dishes. In winter they have a special game menu (boar, venison, pheasant). The beer is excellent, as you might expect. It's great to sit outside in nice weather, too.

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              Thanks again. I'm definitely going to give it a try.

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                I did get to visit in early July. Frankly, it was too hot to sit outside -even at night. I thought the food and the service was very good.