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Apr 21, 2007 05:47 PM

Rays Tea Time Closing

Just received an email from owner Angela that Rays Tea Time on Third Ave. in San Mateo will be closing soon. Their food and beverage service will be ending on April 30th. News about liquidating their merchandise is forthcoming.

The recent opening of Quickly next door and other similar stores nearby most likely contributed to Rays' closing.

If you're in the area, support Angela one last time and wish her well. It was her dream to open this store.

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  1. That's sad to hear.

    As long as I remember, Quickly (next to Ray's) has been at that location for quite some time now. Rays is special in that all the owners of the business are female, and Angela pushed really hard to complement product and service with tea knowledge/education.

    1. Oh NO!!!!! I'm heartbroken to hear it! We love that place. We go there after dinner at Hakka across the street. we buy tea there. we go to just sit. we bring friends.
      OH no!

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      1. re: Kim Cooper

        I know, it's heartbreaking. The place has a great vibe and is the antidote to those of us who want a place to hangout that ISN'T Starbucks or Peet's (or Quickly for that matter). I've enjoyed spending time there after dinner or lunch with friends playing board games.

        Make sure you visit before they close and let Angela and the staff know how much you enjoyed the place.

      2. The original comment has been removed