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Apr 21, 2007 05:35 PM

Your Favourite Toronto Patio

Spring has finally sprung and I am wondering what your favourite restaurant patio is. It could be a Little Italy cafe for people watching or an intimate retreat. I love the patio at Freshwood Grill on Roncesvalles. It's cool and quiet - a perfect place to unwind and relax.

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  1. The street facing corner table at Lion On The Beach(Queen East & Kenilworth) is great for people watching, although the whole place is pretty agreeable. Pub food with a few specials, but hey, it's a pub!

    1. We enjoy sitting in the patio beside Quigley's at Beech and Queen. It's at the eastern, quieter part of the Beaches (I refuse to say "Beach") District, but there's still lots of people-watching, the menu selection is more extensive than mere pub grub, and the Quigley's serving staff is attentive and pleasant. A laid-back spot for a warm spring or summer day.

      1. By patio, I'm guessing you mean any outdoor eating area (i.e decks,etc.). I like the second storey rear deck at Kensigton Kitchen. You sit in amongst the tree branches. Very relaxing.

        For wings and beer, the deck at the Madison Pub is great for large groups

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          Another second floor outdoor patio frequented by the downtown crowd, especially Ryersonians, is the Imperial PUBlic Library, just east of Yonge at 58 Dundas East. Friendly, comfortable and informal atmosphere, classic jazz on the speakers, and an outdoor location facing towards Dundas Square that can't be beaten. In poor weather the second floor bar is cosy and inviting. Standard pub grub and drinks, but IMO the place is a winner.

        2. Still love the patio at the Brasserie, John/Richmond. Haven't been there for a while, so not sure about service/food/drinks anymore but boy is that patio a good one.

          1. Try Barraida at 1000 College Street. Portuguese BBQ'd chicken, etc.

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              I'll wholeheartedly agree, Attknee. This is a lovely, lovely patio.